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Technical Parameter :

Main specifications unit CK6628 CK6636 CK6646 CK6663
Swing over bed mm 1000 1000 1200 1400
Swing over carriage mm 650 640 800 1100
Spindle bore mm 280 360 460 630
Max.load between centers ton 4 6 6 10
Bed width mm 600 755 970 970
Spindle speed rpm 5~ 500 3.15~315 3.15~315 2~200
Spindle motor kw AC18.5 AC22 AC30 AC37
Machine weight of 3 meters kg 6800 12000 14000 17000
Add weight per meter kg 800 1000 1200 1200
Machine outline size of 3 meters L* w * h 5750X1650X1550 6300X1650X1700 6300X2550X1850 6300X2875X1850

Product description:

The CK6636 series CNC tube lathe has the advantages of high machining accuracy, good accuracy retention and stable performance. CK6636 CNC pipe lathe is mainly used for processing various pipe threads, pipe hoops and drill rods. It can also process inner and outer cylindrical surfaces, end surfaces, inner holes and various rotary curved surfaces.

CK6636 CNC pipe threading lathe adopts imported original German SIEMENS 802DSL CNC system and full digital AC servo system and spindle servo motor. The main turning movement is automatic stepless speed change, two linked control axes, X and Z axes are controlled by semi-closed loops, ball The screw pair adopts the precision ball screw produced by the imported German WMH company, so that the machine tool has good positioning accuracy and repeat positioning accuracy. The tool post is a high-performance four-station CNC vertical tool post produced by Yantai Machine Tool Accessories Factory.

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