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Ordinary horizontal lathe

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Main specifications unit CWA6185/100 CW61100E/125E CW61 100F/125F
Swing over bed mm 850/1000 1000/1250 1000/1250
Swing over carriage mm 520/720 650/900 650/900
Max.turning length m 16 16 16
Max.load between centers ton 4 6/8/10 8/10
Bed width mm 600 755 850
Spindle speed rpm 5~630 3.15~315 3.15~315
Spindle motor kw AC15/18.5 AC22 AC22
Section of tool shank mm 32×32 45×45 45×45
Diameter of tailstock quill mm 120 160/200 200
Travel of tailstock quill Metric 80 Metric 80/ Morse 6 Morse 6
Standard steady rest mm 40~ 350 50 ~ 470 50~ 470
Weight of the lathe with 3m kg 6300/6800 12000/12500 12000/12500
Additional weight per kg 800 1000 1000


The large-scale horizontal lathe produced by our company has the following technical characteristics:

1. The basic components, such as the bed, spindle, tailstock sleeve, etc., have been optimized and finely processed, with high accuracy and life;

2. The key element Components, such as spindle bearings and main electrical components, are selected from well-known domestic and foreign brands, which have excellent reliability and applicability;

3. The machine tool has a good appearance and a good man-machine interface.

This series of machine tools can undertake all kinds of turning work. It can turn the outer circle, inner hole, end face, metric thread, inch thread, modular thread and diametral thread of various parts of forming surfaces; the upper tool holder can be turned short by motor The taper (cone generatrix length L≤300mm), the upper tool post and the longitudinal feed can be used to cut the long taper, which can also meet the technological requirements of drilling, boring, nesting, etc., and it is also suitable for cemented carbide Tools for powerful turning, processing various ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

Working & positioning accuracy :
Heavy duty horizontal lathe implements the GB/T4020-1997 “Ordinary Horizontal Lathe Accuracy” standard, and its main items are as follows:
Roundness of finished outer circle : 0.015 mm
Cylindricity of finished outer circle : 0.040 mm / 500 mm
Flatness of finishing end face : 0.025 mm / 300 mm
Pitch accuracy for finishing pitch : 0.015 mm on 50 mm length
Dimensional accuracy : IT 7
Rough surface of the finished outer circle : Ra 3.2

Packing list – 1 copy
Operation instructions – 1 copy
Equipment Maintenance Instructions – 1 copy
Mechanical transmission schematic – 1 copy
Assembly drawing (for maintenance) – 1 copy
Electrical schematic – 1 copy
Electrical wiring diagram – 1 copy
Ladder Diagram – 1 copy
Hydraulic schematic – 1 copy
Hydraulic piping diagram – 1 copy
Spare parts and wearing parts drawings – 1 copy
Certificates : geometric accuracy, workpiece accuracy, actual measurement record – 1copy each

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