Horizontal Straight Cutting Bandsaws

Double column gantry horizontal metal band sawing machine G42180 (CH-1800)

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Sawing Capacity (mm) Round material: Ø1800 mm
Square material: 1800X1800mm
Band saw wire speed (m/min) 10~50
Band saw wire specifications (mm) 80 x 1.6 x 17000 Main motor power (kw) 18.5 (4p)
Hydraulic motor (kw) 5.5 + 1.5 Cooling pump (kw) 0.37
Work clamping method Hydraulic vice Saw blade tensioning method Hydraulic pressure
Main drive structure Gear reducer Feeding mode Drum / pulley
Overall size (mm) 6800 x 4000 x 4100 Height of table (mm) 1050

Product Description :

● Hydraulic control sawing feed

● High precision linear guide rail with high cutting precision;

● Longmen type structure, good rigidity;

● Dual cylinder control, smooth feed;

● Motor feeding roller track and bearing roller track;

● Optional chip removal device.




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