centerless grinding

FX-12S High Precision Centerless Grinder

Full-cover type (for pass-through grinding Oil mist recovery device can be installed)

01、Direct-coupled motor to reduce transmission links and ensure the rotation accuracy of the guide wheel.

02、The hydraulic system fan and fuel tank make full use of the space for installation, so that the site can be fully utilized.

High Rigidity Body Structure

●The bottom of the centerless grinding machine is cast from high-grade cast iron (FC30) and normalized heat treatment. The double V-shaped slide rail design ensures the deformation of the inorganic body after long-term use. Fine adjustment of the upper and lower feeds up to 0.001mm.

●The grinding wheel trimming device can be adjusted to ±6°, and the workpiece and the guide wheel joint are accurate.

●The widest selection of models to meet a variety of grinding needs.

●The most complete selection of equipment to enhance operational functions and convenience.

●The most rigorous testing and quality control of the machine guarantees the best performance, precision and lowest failure rate

Examples of Grinding

Precision Parts

1、Precision hydraulic bearing

2、Precision grinding wheel Spindle and alloy bearing

3、Precision adjustment wheel Spindle and alloy bearing

4、Precision screw

5、Stable sliding table

Machine Specification

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