Centerless grinding machine

FX-18S High Precision Centerless Grinder

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Technical Parameter :

Standard machine processing range (diameter) mm Φ 1-60(100 as customized)
Grinding wheel size (OD * width * ID) mm Φ455*205*Φ228.6
Adjusting wheel size (OD* width *ID) mm Φ255*205*Φ111.2
Grinding wheel speed RPM 1500
Adjust wheel speed RPM 0-250
Grinding wheel drive motor KW 11.5
Adjustment wheel servo motor KW 3.0
Hydraulic pump drive motor KW 0.75
Cooling pump drive motor KW 0.25
Adjustment wheel feed hand wheel mm 3.5/Turn 0.05/Scale
Adjustment wheel fine adjustment hand wheel mm 0.1/Turn  0.001/Scale
Table feed hand wheel mm 9.0/Turn  0.10/Scale
Worktable fine adjustment hand wheel mm 0.2/Turn  0.001/Scale
Trimming feed wheel mm 2.0/Turn  0.01/Scale
Adjust wheel tilt angle Degree +6°~-5°
Adjust wheel rotation angle Degree ±6°
Mechanical Dimensions mm 2350×1960×1550
Packing size mm 2900×2400×1850
Machine weight KG 2850
Packing weight KG 3000

Product introduction

Centerless grinding machine is a type of grinding machine that does not need to use the axis of the workpiece for grinding. It is mainly composed of three mechanisms: grinding wheel, adjustment wheel and workpiece support. The grinding wheel actually performs the grinding work, and the adjustment wheel Control the rotation of the workpiece and control the feed speed of the workpiece. As for the workpiece holder, which supports the workpiece during grinding, there are several ways to cooperate with these three parts, except for stopping grinding, the principle is the same.

There are two main grinding methods for centerless cylindrical grinders: through type and plunge type; through type centerless grinder, the workpiece is fed along the axis of the grinding wheel for grinding, and the small inclination angle of the guide wheel axis is adjusted to realize the axial feed of the workpiece. It is suitable for grinding slender cylindrical workpieces, short shafts without central holes and sleeve workpieces. The plunge-type centerless grinding method is that there is an axial positioning fulcrum on the pallet, the workpiece is supported at a certain position on the pallet, and the grinding wheel or guide wheel is used for grinding. For grinding workpieces with shoulders or bosses as well as cones, spheres or other workpieces of revolution. “Plung-in” to “Through-through” centerless grinding is a composite grinding method of the two centerless grinding machines.

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