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GP-32 Eccentric Shaft Crankshaft Special-Shaped Long Shaft Grinder

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Technical Parameter :

ITEM Technical parameter
Working scope
Height of Center 200mm
Maximum rotating diameter Φ380mm
Maximum grinding diameter Φ320mm
Grinding length between two tops 600mm
Rotary Table( Model 600) ﹢6°/-9°
Maximum pedestal between two tops 60kg
Grinding carriage
Rotable Angle range (manual) ±15°
Grinding wheel spindle type Dynamic and static pressure grinding wheel spindle (standard with oil cooling)
Wheel spindle speed range 1650/1850/2100rpm
Standard grinding wheel size (φ×W×B) Φ450×38-50×127mm
Special grinding wheel size (φ×W×B) Φ510×50-80×203mm
Wheel spindle motor power 3.75KW/5.5KW(special)
Maximum linear speed of grinding wheel 45m/s
Grinding wheel spindle cooling method Oil cooling
Workpiece direct drive head stock
Speed range stepless speed regulation 0-600rpm
Taper of spindle taper MT-4
Tooling adapter set model MT-4
Workpiece head rotation angle range ﹢15°/-15°
Maximum clamping load (with tooling) 150Nm
Permanent magnet synchronous motor power(S1-100%/KW) 3KW
Continuous rated output torque(S1-100%/A) 47.8Nm
Encoder brand Renishaw
Spindle cooling method Water cooling
Repeated positioning accuracy of head stock rotation ±2arcsec
Taper hole runout at shaft end ≤0.001
Spindle end face beating ≤0.002
Axial rigidity(N/um) ≥500
Radial rigidity(N/um) ≥400
Head stock movement method Manual standard air floatation
Tail stock
Sleeve diameter Φ50mm
Sleeve stroke 32mm
Morse taper MT-4
Tailstock movement method Manual standard air floatation
Wheel carriage feed-X axis (linear motor)
X axis maximum stroke 350mm
X axis linear motor maximum thrust 1044-4271N
X axis linear motor acceleration ≤0.2G
X axis maximum feed rate 15m/min
HPG (electronic handwheel) minimum feed 0.0001mm
Programmable minimum feed 0.0001mm
Minimum resolution of HEIDENHAIN incremental encoders 0.0001mm
X axis feed positioning accuracy ≤0.0016mm
X axis feed repeat positioning accuracy ≤0.0014mm
ITEM Technical parameter
Z axis for table feed (servo motor)
Z axis stroke (600 type) 600mm
Z axis servo motor power 2.2KW
Z axis maximum feed rate 12m/min
HPG electronic handwheel minimum increment 0.0001mm
Programmable minimum feed 0.0001mm
Min. resolution of HEIDENHAIN incremental grating ruler (optional) 0.0005mm
Control System
CNC system Lynuc CNC
software Graphical interactive interface
Display screen 10.4 inch TFT color display
keyboard full keyboard
RAM 3Gb (1Gb users)
Number of control axes Can control up to 7 axes
interface USB/Ethernet/RS232
Machine Tool Electric
Standard 3-phase power supply 380V 3ph 20Hz
Control circuit voltage 110vAC/24vDC.
Input voltage deviation range ﹢/-10%
Full load power consumption (host) 36KVA
Pneumatic supply
Enter air pressure 5.5bar
Request flow 40-50l/min
Air source standard BS ISO 8573-1:2001
Environmental parameters
Standard machine noise <75dB(A)
Ambient temperature 0-40℃
Environment humidity ≤75%
Floor space size 3800×2120mm×2000
Height 2170mm
Net weight 5440kg

Product description :

Basic technical parameter
1. Center height/maximum grinding diameter: 170/320mm
2. The distance between two centers: 600mm
3. The maximum work-piece weight between the two centers: 60kg
4. Maximum diameter of grinding wheel: standardφ450mm
5. X axis (linear motor) stroke/fast traverse speed: 350mm/15m/min
6. X axis (linear motor) thrust: 1044–4272N
7. Z axis (servo motor) stroke/fast traverse speed: 600mm/12m/min
8. The minimum resolution of X axis/Z axis is 0.0001mm
9. Direct drive work-piece head stock spindle Spindle brand/motor type/encoder brand: Guangzhou Haozhi/Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor/Renishaw
10. Direct drive work piece head stock spindle (C axis) maximum speed / repeat positioning accuracy: 600rpm/±2arcsec
11. Direct drive work piece head stock spindle (C axis) rated output torque/shaft end taper hole run out: 47.8Nm/0.001mm
12. Brand/Type/Line Speed of Grinding Wheel Spindle: Guangzhou Haozhi/Dynamic and Static Pressure Wheel Spindle/40m/sec
13. Numerical control system: LYNUC

Product features :
1. Stable and reliable-super rigid structure excellent precision performance;

2. The machine tool has been tested under the most severe environments and conditions, and has outstanding accuracy retention. It is suitable for the requirements from single-piece to mass production and is widely used in special-shaped grinding and non-circular grinding industries;

3.Outstanding performance-excellent performance for processing special-shaped parts;

4. High precision, high rigidity, and high efficiency are the basic characteristics of this grinder, achieving a perfect combination of performance and efficiency;

5. Due to the excellent performance and flexible design of the machine tool, it can be widely used in various industries such as aviation, medical, hydraulic, mold, core parts of robot reducer, and auto parts;

6. Easy to operate-easy to use operating system;
The latest generation of user-friendly graphical programming software has simple and fast settings and an intuitive user interface. It does not require the operator to enter complex codes and subroutines. The operation is simple and easy to learn, making programming and setting faster. The user experience and operation experience are extraordinary;

Stand Equipment
1. Standard grinding fluid supply system
2. External grinding wheel, φ450mm 1 pc
3. External grinding wheel flange, φ127mm 1
4. Mohs No. 4 full center and half center each
5. One set of workpiece drive dial (sweet chuck)
6. 1 standard gold fountain pen
7. Standard grinding and dressing cycle
8. Hydrostatic spindle oil cooling system

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