cylindrical grinding

FX27P-60CNC High Precision CNC Cylindrical Grinder

Equipment description

1.Main body
The main body and main components are made of high-grade cast iron FC-30. After artificial normalization heat treatment, and then natural aging treatment. The main components are processed by YASDA, MITSUI SEIKI, TOSHIBA, ELB and other world-class equipment in one clamping process. The precision size can reach the micron level to ensure the high precision of the equipment basic components.

2. Automatic lubrication system
The machine tool guide rail and precision ball screw are continuously lubricated by the automatic lubrication system to ensure a longer service life and long-term maintenance of the best accuracy. The cooling system is separated from the body to eliminate vibration and facilitate heat dissipation.

3.Automated system
Equipped with Siemens 828D CNC automatic grinding system, and carried out secondary development, realizes man-machine dialogue and convenient operation, and has many optional equipment to choose from, including inner hole grinding device, automatic end face measuring device, automatic outer diameter measuring device, etc.

4.Grinding wheel head feed shaft
The grinding feed system is composed of a precision shoveled —-V—- flat track with an automatic lubrication system and a C3 level precision grinding screw, which can obtain smooth motion, excellent repeat positioning accuracy and long track life. At the same time, the automatic fast forward and fast reverse functions of the grinding wheel head can be realized.

5.Spindle system
The grinding wheel spindle adopts FAG high-precision bearings, the front with four bearings and the rear has two bearings structure, no need to have separate lubrication, simple maintenance, avoid metal-to-metal contact, and can obtain a nearly permanent service life. The grinding wheel spindle has the characteristics of high rigidity and high precision. For special work-piece grinding, the grinding wheel speed can be adjusted to increase the linear speed up-to 65 m/s and 3500RPM as the maximum. High precision dynamic and static pressure spindle is also as an option.

The design of the tail-stock is not only rigid and sturdy. The hardened alloy steel slide tube wrapped in the cast iron body is designed to carry the MT4 top center. The top tightening force of the slide tube can be easily changed by the adjustment knob at the rear. Special accessories The hydraulic tailstock is equipped with a pedal for easy loading and unloading of work-pieces.

7.CNC control system
The Siemens numerical control system is adopted as the standard configuration, and the operation is simple and easy to use. Equipped with Siemens high-performance servo motors, the equipment’s numerical control system and transmission system have better compatibility. It also has automatic sand dressing and automatic compensation functions to ensure the stability and accuracy of tool feeding and grinding.

Technical Parameter
ITEM Unit Machine Model




Processing Capability

Maximum rotating diameter of worktable mm 270
The longest distance between two thimble mm 600
Maximum grinding diameter mm 270
Maximum load between two top centers Kg(b) 60(Centers work)

20(Work head work)

Grinding wheel size (diameter × width × aperture) mm 405×38(32-50)×127
Wheel speed rpm 1650
Maximum linear speed of grinding wheel m/s 35(65 with High speed grinding wheel)
Wheel dressing mm Automatic
Wheel head Feed angle Deg 90
Feed stroke mm 220
X axis feed speed m/min 6
X axis minimum feed mm 0.001
Head stock Spindle speed rpm 50-500
Spindle form Simultaneous movement or centering
Thimble specifications MT-5
Tailstock Automatic telescopic distance mm 40
Center specifications MT-4
Workbench Z axis fast moving speed m/min 8
Z axis minimum feed mm 0.001
Maximum travel stroke mm 640
Rotation angle Deg +7/-3
Motor Wheel spindle motor KW 3.75
X axis feed motor (servo) KW 1.5
Z axis feed motor (servo) KW 1.5
Headstock spindle motor KW 0.75
Cooling water pump motor KW 0.75
Lubricating oil motor KW 0.25*2
Tailstock oil pump motor KW 0.75
Others Machine net weight Kg 3300
Gross weight Kg 3500
Packing size (length * width * height) mm 2700*2000*2000

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