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HC Series Horizontal Machining Center

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Technical Parameter :

Model Parameters HC500A HC 630A HC800A
Table Size (mm) 500×600 630×630 800x 800
Max Loading Weight (kg) 500 1500 3000
Number-width x distance (mm) 6x 14x 80 5x18x125 5x22x160
XY/Z Travel (mm) 800/600/600 1000/800/900 1200/900/900
Rapid speed(X /Y /Z) m/min 15/12/15 15/12/15 15/12/15
X Y Z cutting speed (mm/min) 1 ~ 5000 1~ 5000 1 ~ 5000
Spindle center line to table surface (mm) 50~ 650 0~ 800 0~ 900
Spindle nose to table center  (mm) 150~ 750 200~ 1100 200~ 1100
Spindle speed  ( rpm ) 6000 6000 6000
Spindle power ( kw) 11/15 15/18.5 18.5/22
Spindle torque ( Nm) 143 249 307
Tool holder type BT50 BT50 BT50
Pull stud BT50-45° BT50-45° BT50-45°
ATC capacity hold 24 (manipulator) 24 (manipulator) 24 (manipulator)
Tool change time ( s ) 3.5 (knife to knife) 3.5 (knife to knife) 3.5 (knife to knife)
Max tool weight (kg) 25 25 25
Max diameter of tool (mm) Φ110/Φ220 Φ110/Φ220 Φ110/Φ220
Air pressure (MPa) 0.6~0.8 0.6~0.8 0.6~0.8
Machine weight (kg) 10500 12500 13500
Machine overall size ( L x W x H ) mm 3800x 3000x 3020 4300x 3150x 3800 4300x 3150x 3900

Product Features:
HC series The base, column, slide, and headstock of this machine tool are made of high-quality cast iron HT300.
The design of dense bars in the large foundation section is adopted, and finite element analysis is adopted to ensure high bending and torsional rigidity, so that it has a high natural frequency and improved vibration resistance.
The triaxial hard rail (quenching) meets the technical performance requirements. Large amount of knife and high precision requirements. After secondary aging treatment, internal stress is eliminated. It has the characteristics of good overall rigidity, good vibration absorption and seismic performance.
It is widely used in the processing of box parts, shell parts, and disc-shaped parts in the military, automobile, mold, and machinery manufacturing industries. After a single clamping, the parts can be processed in multiple processes such as milling, boring, drilling, expanding, reaming, tapping, etc., with high precision, high automation, high reliability, high degree of mechanical and electrical integration, simple operation, beautiful overall appearance .

Product Description

HC series horizontal machining center is Ants machine on the basis of absorbing domestic and international advanced machine design concept to design and development of horizontal machining center, this machine adopts large span guideway design, machine tool rigidity on the whole, carryjing capacity is strong, with a CNC rotary table, suit for body parts, machine tool base, pllar and other polyhedron for processing, a dlamping can finish milling, boring, drilig, tapping and other processes more than rough and finish machining.

The machine can choose FANUC and Siemens system, rotary table, ATC, spindle, rail, screw are Taiwan brands.


Number Standard Equipment Number Optional Equipment
1 24 tool ATC 1 32 Arm chian type ATC
2 Spindle air curtain dust control system 2 40 Arm chian type ATC
3 Workpiece cooling system 3 Central outlet of spindle (equipped with high pressure cooling device)
4 Equal division CNC rotary table 4 ZF gearbox drive
5 Automatic lubrication system 5 Spindle oil cooling device
6 Spiral chip removal device 6 Arbitrary indexing CNC rotary table
7 Chain-plate type chip lifter 7 Scraper lift chip remover
8 Integral shield 8 3 axis linear scale
9 The toolkit 9 Tool detection device
10 Anchor bolt and pad iron 10 Workpiece detection device
11 Door opening protection (door protection)
12 Portable chip air gun
13 Machine cleaning water tank
14 Simple oil and water separator

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