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HD Series High Speed CNC Drilling Machine

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Technical Parameter :

Model HD2016 HD3016  HD4016
Max work piece size (L×W) (mm) 2000×1600 plate   Φ1600 flange 3000×1600 plate    Φ1600 flange 4000×1600 plate    Φ1600 flange
Thickness of work piece (mm) Hydraulic clamps to 100; T-slot with tooling to 120
Drill unit type Sliding table, servo control
Drill head quantity One or with ATC (Automatic tooling changer-8 pics)
Max drill diameter (mm) Φ40/Φ50
Taper hole of spindle BT40/BT50
Spindle speed (r/min) 30~3000
Spindle vertical stoke (Z axis) (mm) 300
Servo motor power of X axis (kW) 2.0
Servo motor power of Y axis (kW) 1. 5
Servo motor power of Z axis (kW) 2.0
Motor power of scrap cleaner (kW) 0.75
Clamping type 12 Hydraulic clams and T-slot
Electric control type SIEMENS 808D CNC SYSTEM
CNC axis quantity 3
Position precision (mm) ±0.08
With function of CAD/CAM automatic generation
With function of break point memory (Restart production easily after power off)
Overall size (m) About 4.9×3.9×3.2 About 5.5×3.9×3.2 About 6.5×3.9×3.2
Weight (Kg) About 12000 About 13000 About 14500

Applicable Industry:
This machine is the automatic special equipment used for drilling, tapping, milling steel plate, flanges, tube sheets, mainly in the field of steel structure, boiler, heat-ex-changer and so on. This machine also can drill through hole, blind hole, ladder hole.

Product Feature:
1. CNC slide way drilling spindle (Z axis) with work piece of stroke is pr-set, realized auto switch. It can drill not only through-hole, but also blind-hole with high efficiency, simple-structure, low-cost maintenance, easy operation etc.
2. There are 12 hydraulic clamps & T slots for fixing work-pieces, easy to operate, also save time, improve production efficiency.
3. This machine have three CNC axis: gantry moving direction (x-axis);drilling head moving direction (y-axis); Spindle feeding direction (z axis). Machine equip each axis with linear guide and ball screw which drived by high precision servo motor.
4. Machine have scrap cleaner which collect iron scraps and cutting liquid.
5. The machine equipped with automatic lubrication system for linear guides and ball screws.
6. Machine adopts SIEMENS CNC system, also equip with computer for drawing and work=piece program processing, easy to operate.
7. The configuration of the machine, like ball screws, linear guides, main electrical parts, servo motors, inverter, etc., all famous brands.

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