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HD3016S High Speed CNC Drilling Machine

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Technical Parameter :

Parameter name Item Parameter value
Max. effective processing range Length X Width 3000X1600mm
Max. thickness 100mm
Vertical pillow power spindle Qty. 1
Spindle taper BT50
Max. drilling dia. Φ50mm
Drilling depth ≤100
Spindle speed 30—3000r/min
Spindle motor power 22kW
Distance between the lower end of the spindle and the working table 200-500mm
Gantry longitudinal movement

(X axis)

Max. stroke 3000mm
X axis movement speed 0-10m/min
X-axis servo motor power 2.0kW
Power head transverse movement

(Y axis)

Max. stroke of power head 1600mm
Y axis movement speed 0-10m/min
Y-axis servo motor power 1.5kW
Vertical sliding pillow feed motion

(Z axis)

Z axis stroke 300mm
Z axis feed speed 0-5m/min
Z-axis servo motor power 2.0kW
Positioning accuracy X axis 0.1mm/full length
Y axis 0.1mm/full length
Re-positioning accuracy X axis 0.05mm
Y axis 0.05mm
Hydraulic system Hydraulic pump pressure 6MPa
Hydraulic pump motor power 2.2kW
Pneumatic system Compressed air supply pressure ≥0.5MPa
Chip removal and cooling Chip remover type Chain plate type
Chip remover Qty. 1
Chip removal speed 1m/min
Chip remover motor power 0.43kW
Internal cooling + external cooling Mist spray
Automatic lubrication system Lubricating pressure 2MPa
Lubricating point oil injection 0.1mL
Lubrication interval 6-10min
Electrical system Numerical control system SIEMENS PLC
CNC axis 3
Total motor power Approx. 30kW
Overall dimensions L x W x H Approx. 5.5X3.9X3.2m

Applicable Industry:
Mainly used for drilling tube plate, clapboard, flange and large plate in petrochemical, boiler, wind power, flange industries and also for connection plates in building, bridge, heat exchange, iron tower industries.

Product feature:
1. Heavy-load linear roller guide pairs are equipped on two sides of the machine bed respectively. The longitudinal movement of the gantry’s two sides is driven synchronously via AC servo motor and precise ball screw pair of big pitch.
2. Two movable slides are equipped on the cross beam of gantry. The sliders are guided by two linear roller guide pairs and driven by AC servo motor and precise ball screw pair of big pitch respectively.
3. The slides on the cross beam are equipped with vertical CNC feeding ram-type drilling spindle, which adopts special conversion motor with heavy load for spindle. The motor drives the spindle via synchronous belt. The drilling spindle adopts Taiwan precision spindle (inner-cooling) with disk spring automatic broach mechanism, hydraulic cylinder loosing cutter, very convenient to change shank.
4. The machine is equipped with hydraulic system to finish the hydraulic balance of vertical ram and hydraulic cutter loosing of spindle.
5. It adopts SIEMENS CNC system, equipped with RS232 interface and LCD screen. The automatic programming provided can not only generate processing programs automatically, but also preview hole position before drilling.
6.It is equipped with chain-plate type automatic chip-conveyor and chip collection trolley. The cooling system is equipped with paper filer, high-pressure inner-cooling pump and low-pressure outer-cooling pump, which are used for inner-cooling or outer-cooling of cutter.

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