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HD700-3D/HD1000-3D/HD1250-3D High Speed 3D CNC Beams Drilling Line

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Technical Parameter :

Model   HD700-3D HD1000-3D HD1250-3D
Work-piece parameter H Beam Web H (mm) 150~700 150~1000 150~1250
Flange B (mm) 75~400 75~500 75~600
U Beam Web H (mm) 150~700 150~1000 150~1250
Flange B (mm) 75~200 75~250 75~300
Max. Work-piece thickness (mm) 80
Max. Feeding length (mm) 12000 or 15000 (optional)
Main spindle Qty. 3
Spindle taper BT40
Spindle rotation speed (r/min) 200~3000
Feeding speed (mm/min) 0~5000
Max. hole diameter (mm) φ40

line movement scope (mm)

Center slide table/

Horizontal direction

45~650 45~950 45~1200
Fixed side/movement side

Vertical direction

30~370 30~470 30~570
Tool Magazine(optional) Qty. 3
Number of tools in tool magazine 3×4
Marking function


Character number 36
Character size (mm) Φ10
Electrical system CNC system FAGOR 8070 or SIEMENS
CNC axis number 7+3
Cooling system No. of nozzle 3
Pressure of compressed air (Mpa) 1
Cooling way Spray cooling, internal cooling & external cooling
Hydraulic system Hydraulic pump pressure (Mpa) 15
Motor power (kW) 5.5
Overall dimension(L×W×H) (m) About 4.85×2.1×3.5 About 5.45×2.1×3.5 About 6×2.1×3.5
Main Machine weight (Kg) About 8000 About 9000 About 10000

Applicable Industry:
This machine is mainly used for processing holes on H-beam, channel beam with high speed. It adopts spindle servo motor, controls by CNC system, and in-feeding by CNC carriage, high efficiency, and high precision; and it is wildly used in construction, bridge and other industries.

Product Feature:
1.The drilling machine is mainly composed of machine bed, CNC sliders (3), drilling spindle boxes (3), clamping device, detecting device, cooling system, iron chip box, etc.
2. The machine body is welded by square steel pipe, the machine body structure has been strengthened in the place where the force is high, the welding is completed and the artificial aging treatment was carried out.
3. The spindle adopts high precision spindle BT40, which has high rotary precision and good rigidity. Can use twist drill and carbide drill, a wide range of applications.
4. The work-piece is fixed by hydraulic clamping. There are five hydraulic cylinders, which are clamped horizontally and vertically respectively.
5. The machine is adopted by carriage feed, the feed carriage is driven by the servo motor through the gear rack after decelerating by the reducer, and is equipped with a laser alignment device on the machine body.
6. Cooling system: air mist cooling, with the effect of internal cooling and external cooling..
7. Chip collection box: universal casters guide, simple and convenient moving.
8. This machine tool should be equipped with Korean YESTOOL brand taper shanks and cutters, which are provided by customers.

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