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SWD700 PLC Control 3D Beams Drilling Machine

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Technical Parameter :

Model SWD700
Max.H beams size (web width × flange height) (mm) 700×400
Max. drilling dia. (mm) Φ40
Drilling head feeding speed (mm/min) 20~300
Qty. of spindle One spindle on each side (top,left,right) Total: 3 spindles
Rotation speed (step-less speed adjustment) (rpm) 120~560
Feeding movement speed (mm/min) 20~300
Max. feeding stroke (mm) 300
Power of each spindle (kW) 4
Qty. of CNC axis 4
Stroke of left/right spindles (Above vertical base-level) (mm) 20~420
Stroke of top spindle (Beyond horizontal base-level) (mm) 30~630
Total power (kW) 27
Feeding type NC carriage feeding
Overall dimensions (L×W×H) (m) About 3.6×1.45×2.45
Total weight (Kg) About 4500

Applicable Industry:
This machine is special equipment used for drilling H beams, channel steel of steel structure, bridge, three dimensional garage and petrol platform.

Product Feature:
1. Equipped with three drilling units, three drilling units can drill holes simultaneously and adopt self-controlled stroke drilling head.
2. No need to set thickness of work-piece and length of drill bits, it will do fact-feeding or feeding automatically by sensor signal, and with high efficiency.
3. PLC systems, programming based on WINDOWS, fast and convenient programming, and visual previewing.
4. This machine equipped with automatic feeding carriage, can feed the work-piece automatically.
5. Drilling units equip with famous brand spindle motor.
6. The key mechanical, hydraulic and electric parts are all famous brands.

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