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D Series CNC Drilling Machine For Plates

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Technical Parameter :

Model D2012  D2016 D3016
Max. size of work piece (mm) 2000×1200 2000×1600 3000×1600
Max. thickness of work piece Max.100mm, can overlap process for thinner plates
Morse taper #4
Max. drilling diameter (mm) Φ50
Drilling spindle Rotating speed (rpm) 120-560( Step-less speed adjustment)
Max. feed stroke (mm) 350
Motor power (kW) 5.5
Qty. of clamps 12
Clamping force (kN/each) 7.5
Motor power (kW) Servo motors X axis 1.3
Y axis 1.3
Z axis 0.85
Pump motor 2.2
Motor of scrap cleaner 0.4
Motor of cooling pump 0.43
Overall dimensions(L×W×H) (m) 4.5×2.21×2.85 4.5×2.61×2.85 5.5×2.61×2.85
Net weight (Kg) About 5200 About 6200 About 7200

Applicable Industry:
This is special CNC machine for drilling plates and flanges, mainly used in steel structure, tower, bridge and other industries.

Product Feature
1.CNC slider and drilling unit head, can control depth of holes, with function of drilling blind hole, reaming, chamfering.
2. Machine is controlled by PLC & servo motor, ensure precision positioning .
3. The machine have 4 work area with individual reference, work-pieces can be clamped by hydraulic clamps at any area for drilling.
4. Machine equips with computer for software, it can use Auto CAD drawing directly, it also can process NC file which generated by TEKLA.
5. Scrap cleaner can collect all iron scraps and cutting liquid which is recycling.
6. The key mechanical, hydraulic and electric parts are all famous brands.
7. Optimized integration design for complete machine, no foundation requirements.

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