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High Speed Circular Sawing Machine HY-100NC

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Technical Parameter :

Cutting capacity
Round bar● mm 30-100
Square bar■ mm 30~76
Round pipe○ mm 30-100
Square pipe□ mm 30~76
Saw head spindle
Use TCT type Super hard circular saw blade mm 360 X 2.6T
Pin hole and aperture mm 4xφ11 XPCD90X φ40
Spindle motor kw 11(4P)
Spindle speed rpm 20-120
Saw head feeding moethod AC servo motor+ball screw(Pivot type feeding)
Main clamping vises Hydraulic, one set of vertical and horizontal clamping
Chips cleaning device Passive wire brush/power wire brush(optional)
Gear backlash compensation device Through shaft type magnetic powder brake
Workpiece feeding vise
Workpiece feeding drive method AC servo motor+ball screw
Feeding vise clamping method Hydraulic, horizontal clamping
Workpiece front end removal length mm 10~99(This function could be closed)
Workpiece final remnant length mm 75+α(α is smaller than the setup cutting length)
Single feeding length range mm 10-680
Automatic workpiece feeding device
Allowable length to be loaded mm 3000-6000
Feeding method Pre-queuing type|hydraulic lift
Hydraulic devices
Hydraulic motor kw 2.25(4P)
Rated pressure of hydraulic system MPa
Hydraulic tank capacity L 110
Cutting fluid cooling device
Cooling motor kw 0.19(2P)
Machine size and weight
Weight(host machine+roller table) kg 3900
Size(LXW) mm 6500X2760

Products Features:

HY series fully automatic CNC high-speed metal circular sawing machine is mainly composed of machine bed, power head part, feed system, clamping device, hydraulic system, electrical system, spray cooling system, automatic lubrication system, screw chip conveyor, cutting It is composed of liquid cooling device, automatic feeding, saw blade cleaning device, turning frame and other parts. ANTS MACHINE sawing machines are of high quality and are sold to many countries in the world.

(1) Machine bed: The main body of the machine bed is integrally cast from high-quality, high-strength special materials. After high temperature tempering and aging treatment, the casting has no defects such as inclusions, bubbles and cracks. It has the characteristics of good overall rigidity, high strength, impact resistance, and small deformation. It can greatly improve the overall rigidity and stability of the machine tool and meet the national industry standards.

(2) Power head part: The gear box body is integrally cast with high-quality, high-strength special materials, with high strength and impact resistance. The transmission gear made of high-performance gear material has undergone special heat treatment and precise grinding to ensure smooth transmission and high transmission efficiency. All bearings adopt imported high-precision and high-strength bearings, which make the entire gearbox run with low noise, stable operation, reliable transmission performance, high workpiece sawing accuracy, no burrs, verticality as high as 0.2/100mm, and surface roughness within the range of about 3.2 . The adoption of the unique saw blade stabilization system can greatly improve the rigidity of the clamping circular saw blade, reduce the vibration and deflection of the saw blade, so that the service life of the saw blade is greatly improved, and the accuracy of sawing is more reliably guaranteed.

(3) Feeding system: The ball screw is driven by the servo motor to drive the saw box to perform scissor-type strong feed, which cuts the clamped workpiece with high precision and speed.

(4) Clamping device: consists of two sets of horizontal and vertical hydraulic clamping devices. The clamping jaw material is made of alloy steel and has been quenched. The front and rear clamp devices can be clamped and loosened at the same time, and can be adjusted at will according to the required clamping force of the workpiece to ensure the smoothness of the sawing process.

(5) Spindle part: adopts high-end and middle-end structure, which is suitable for the installation and use of the same type of saw blades at home and abroad. Compared with the existing domestic widely used structure, it is more reasonable in structure and installation, and has greater performance. Enhance the impact resistance of the spindle. The magnetic powder brake imported from Taiwan is used to realize the tool clearance compensation function and realize the zero-gap transmission of the gear in the sawing process, which makes the sawing process more stable, prevents the saw blade from chattering, and improves the average service life of the saw blade.

(6) Hydraulic system: It is composed of oil tank, concentrated block, hydraulic pump, hydraulic components, executive components, etc., all adopt brand hydraulic parts, with low failure rate, reliable performance, stable and reliable realization of various program actions. The pipe layout of the hydraulic system is convenient for equipment maintenance and replacement, and the moving parts are equipped with tow chains for protection. The hydraulic system is designed as a centralized hydraulic station. When the hydraulic system is short of oil, it has the functions of automatic shutdown and alarm; the position of the hydraulic valve has a sign.

(7) Electrical system: consists of electrical cabinets, touch screens, buttons, PLCs, motors, contactors, relays, heat exchangers, switches and auxiliary components. The machine tool can realize the whole process of numerical control, that is, except for the manual operation of hoisting and unpacking of bundles, from the start of automatic material transfer to the completion of sawing, the processing of the material head and material tail is automatically completed by the sawing machine.

(8) Spray cooling system (optional): Imported brand spray cooling and lubrication system is adopted. This system adopts a micro-lubrication method with cutting oil for accurate measurement. A well-designed nozzle sprays cutting oil on the saw teeth to reduce the generation of cutting heat. The nozzle sprays cutting oil on both sides of the saw blade for lubrication, which can improve production efficiency, reduce production costs, prevent environmental pollution, and also improve The cutting quality extends the service life of the saw blade.

(9) Automatic lubrication system: It has an independent closed lubrication system, which lubricates the mechanical transmission parts such as bearings and slides. The lubrication method is automatic lubrication. Under the premise of ensuring the lubrication effect, it is lubricated at regular intervals and has a lubrication alarm.

(10) Cutting fluid cooling device (optional): It can automatically cool the workpiece by cutting fluid, and can switch and share functions with the spray cooling system according to the needs of different materials.

(11) Automatic feeding: The automatic feeding adopts the AC servo-controlled high-precision ball screw method, so that the accuracy of the feeding can be reliably guaranteed. The clamping force of the bar is sufficient, and the feeding shall not be slipped or stopped. The system has the function of counting the number of blanks. The feeding mechanism and raceway structure of the machine tool are made of gray iron casting. The machine tool has strong shock resistance and high rigidity. ANTS MACHINE presented a 6-meter material rack to the customer and shipped it along with the high-speed circular saw.

(12) Turning rack: It is mainly composed of a frame, a linkage mechanism, a material shifting mechanism, etc. The table is used to place raw materials to be cut, suitable for long-term storage of heavy tonnage bars, and can be placed (φ100) with a length of 4-7m ( Super long can be customized) rod material. Its function is to transport the bundles of unpacked workpieces one by one to the position of the shifting mechanism through the movement of the linkage mechanism driven by the oil cylinder. The shifting mechanism transfers a bar to the feeding conveyor roller table through the action of the shifting oil cylinder, and then conveys it to the jaws of the main machine through the feeding conveyor roller table for sawing, which greatly reduces the labor intensity of the workers. At the same time, it reduces the auxiliary time of sawing and improves the service life of the equipment. The equipment is equipped with a photoelectric through-beam detection switch, which has the function of automatically detecting the front position of the material. In order to solve the defects of the neatness requirements of the front end of the raw materials. The error of the front position of the placed material can be normal production within 200mm.

At present, the company has formed a number of models of high-speed sawing machines, with a full range of sawing diameters ranging from 30mm to 450mm.

Standard Equipment

1. Saw blade swing anti-vibration device : Aluminum carbide parallel block
2. Out-feeding workpiece separating device : Pneumatic|Reciprocating
3. Automatic centralized lubrication system : Regular and quantitative compulsory grease supply
4. Tool micro lubrication system : Quasi-dry intermittent lubrication
5. Chip conveyor : Chain plate type I continuous or intermittent operation
6: Working light : LED|Waterproof and dustproof

Optional Equipments

Hydrualic loading rack
TCT saw blades

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