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M13 Series Cylindrical Grinding Machine

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Technical Parameter :

Product Description :

M1320 M1332 M1332A M1350A M1363 MQ1380A cylindrical grinders use electrical and hydraulic interlocking mechanisms with various moving parts, which are safe and reliable to operate. It is suitable for grinding IT6-IT5 precision cylindrical or conical rotary workpieces. It is suitable for single-piece and batch production workshops.

Product Features :

◆The horizontal feed of wheelhead is driven by hydraulic pressure to realize micro automatic periodic feed and fast advance and regress.Also can do manually rough fine feeding.

◆M1350, M1450, M1363 series table and wheelhead guide rail adopt static guide rail, low speed motion is stable.

◆M1350, M1450, M1363 series wheelhead with high rigid spindle, high rotary precision, good rigidity. The workhead adopts frequency converter to realize stepless speed regulation.

◆Universal workhead can be adjusted at any Angle within 90 degrees counterclockwise to adapt to chuck grinding internal and external conical workpiece.

The Main Functional Components : 

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