Cylindrical grinding machine

FX27P-60CNC Cylindrical Grinder (with robot unit)

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1. Workbench maximum length: 600mm

2. Maximum grinding diameter: 270mm

3. Grinding wheel speed: 1650 rpm

4. Grinding wheel size (diameter × width × aperture): Φ510 × 50 × Φ127mm

5.Robot lifting capacity:10 kg

6.Max workpiece mass:5 kg

7.Beam (X-axis) material:Steel beam

8.Beam (X-axis) guide:Roller guide

9.Beam (X-axis) transmission:Timing belt

10.Beam (Y axis) material:Steel beam

11.Beam (Y axis) guide:Roller guide

12.Beam Y-axis transmission:Timing belt

13.X axis moving speed:120m/min

14.X-axis acceleration:0.8g

15.Y axis moving speed:80m/min

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