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Rounding Machine GY80NC-7

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Technical Parameter :

Main specifications/models GY80NC-7 Remark
Max. pipe bending capacity Φ80mm x4mm Specifications can be customized according to customer requirements
Mini. elbow radius R≧10D
Bending speed 150mm/s
The mold diameter 200mm
Total power 7.5kw
Machine size 2200mm x 1400mm x1300mm
Machine weight 1600kg


1.Full mechanical transmission, compact structure, high reliability.

2.The equipment is equipped with three, seven, nine wheel drive, not easy to slip, thin wall material can also bend.

3.Two sides of the wheel asymmetrical distribution, reduce the straight line segment.

4.Both sides of the side wheel can feed the work-piece.

5.Foot switch with emergency stop function, easy to operate.

6.The machine transmission balanceonly need to adjust the pressingto obtain different curvature of the circular, arc or spiral shape.

7.Change the mold groove, can process all kinds of metal profiles, such as Angle steel, flat steel, round pipe and other special-shaped section profiles.

8.It can bend large radius profiles to avoid the disadvantages of making large bending die. It is the necessary supplement that single head and double head series bending machine can not reach.


Main Parts for the machine

Specifications Supplier
Machine frame China
Major electrical appliance Taiwan TAIAN
Hydraulic valve Taiwan 7OCEAN
Overflow valve Taiwan 7OCEAN
Electric motor China
High pressure tubing China
Oil pump China
Emergency stop switch China
Switching power supply Taiwan MEAN WELL
Bearings China
The mold China
Reducer China

Remark:The accessories in the configuration list allow the manufacturer to change the accessory brand to a higher level according to the material supply. Users can purchase other brand accessories according to their needs.

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