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SG Series Column Moving Surface Grinder

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Model Unit SG2050NC2 SG2550NC2 SG3063NC2 SG30100NC2 SG4080NC2 SG40100NC2
Description SG2050NC3 SG2550NC3 SG3063NC3 SG30100NC3 SG4080NC3 SG40100NC3
Table size ( WxL ) mm 200×460 254x 508 305×635 305×1020 406×813 406×1020
Max. longitudinal travel mm 510 570 765 1130 910 1130
Cross tranal mm 238 275 340 340 450 450
Max. distance from spindle center to table mm 450 450 580 580 580 580
Magnetic chuck size mm 200×460 250x 500 300x 600 300×1000 400*800 400x 1000
Table vertical movement speed m/min 5-25 ( NC2 model) ; 0.02-15 (NC3 model )
Table vertical movement Feed of handwheel mm/div. 0.005 ( NC3 model )
Table transverse movement Auto feed mm/stroke 0.005-12
Table transverse movement Rapid speed m/min 0-1
Table transverse movement Feed of handwheel mm/div. 0.005
Wheehead vertical movement Auto feed mm/stroke 0.001-0.05
Wheelhead vertical movement Rapid speed m/min 0-1
Wheelhead vertical movement Feed of handwheel mm/div. 0.001
Grinding whee Speed

Grinding whee (ODxWxID) Size

rpm 50Hz 2850 50Hz 1450
60Hz 3450 60Hz 1750
Grinding whee Speed mm 200x20x3175 350x40x127
Spindle motor kw 1.5 2.2 5.5
Hydranlic motor kw 0.75 ( NC2 model ) 22( NC2 model )
Cooling pump motor kW 0.04 0.125
Paraleism of machined surface to daturm plane mm 300:0.005
Machined surface roughness um Ras0.63
Max. loading capacity of table ( include magnetic chuck) kg 120 180 270 400 500 600
Height of machine mm 1675 1890
Floor space (LxW) mm 2050×1400 2300x 1600 2900x 2200 2900x 2200 3600x 2400 4400x 2400
Gross weight kg 1600 1800 2800 2800 3800 4300
Package dimensions LxWxH mm 1780x1500x2155 2000x2100x2150 2350x2220x2150 2350x2220x2150 2850x2270x2180 2950x 2270×2150

Product description :

◆The machine bed, slide seat, column, grinding head body, table and other basic parts are all made of high strength cast iron, stable organization and permanent guarantee of quality.
◆The spindle of the grinding head is made of static and static pressure structure and high rigid spindle sleeve structure.
◆The machine adopts high precision lead screw, which increases the transmission rigidity and eliminates the influence of thermal deformation during movement, ensuring the accuracy of the machine.
◆The working table moves from side to side driven by the variable vane pump and adopts the closed hydraulic system, whose speed is stepless regulated by the regulating handle on the bed body .
◆The machine adopts ttype layout, and the guide rail is attached with teflon soft belt, which has good directivity and stable movement.
The machine has strong rigidity, small thermal deformation, stable movement, low noise, low oil tank temperature rise, high grinding accuracy and convenient maintenance.
◆The electrical box is equipped with a heat exchanger, which can effectively control the temperature in the electrical box and ensure the long-term stable operation of the control system.

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