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Precision CNC Surface Grinding Machine

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This machine tool is widely used in precision mold manufacturing, precision optical parts, precision optical glass, medical devices, mobile phone manufacturing and other precision parts and parts processing; and is especially suitable for diamond, ceramic materials, super hard alloy materials processing. This machine tool can also use the end surface of the grinding wheel to grind the vertical plane of the workpiece. During grinding, according to the shape and size of the workpiece, it can be adsorbed on the electromagnetic chuck or directly fixed on the work surface, or it can be held by other fixtures cut.

◆It adopts the layout of cross drag plate, and the main components adopt the new symmetrical structure design, which avoids the influence of temperature difference on the accuracy and has the rigidity of high-strength structure and good damping perfor-mance.The precision of the machine can reach um(0.001mm) level.
◆The table along the saddle left and right moving guideway for double V guideway, guide rail surface using manual precision scraping development, left and right moving by independent hydraulic station closed hydraulic system drive, with strong rigidity, small thermal deformation, high grinding accuracy.
◆Preloaded precise linear guideway and precise ball screw drive are used for the lower and front and back movement of the grinding head, which can do accurate feeding with high repeatability.

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