Slant-bed CNC Lathe

TCK500S TCK5075 Linear Rail High Speed High Precision CNC Slant Bed Lathe Machine

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Technical Parameter :

Specifications Unit TCK500S TCK5075
Max.Swing over bed mm 520 520
Max.Swing over slide mm 220 350
Max. processing length mm 410/310 700 capacity mm 55 65
Spindle nose mm A2-6 A2-6
Spindle bore mm 66 76
Spindle speed range r/min 50-3000 3500
Motor power of spindle kw 7.5 11/15
Chuck size INCH 10 8/10
X axis rapid traverse m/min 24 24
Z axis rapid traverse m/min 24 24
X axis servo motor torque N.m 7.5 10
Z axis servo motor torque N.m 7.5 10
X axis travel mm 500 250
z axis travel mm 500 600
Net weight kg 3000 3700
Machine dimension mm 2500*1620*1890 2500x1700x1710

Product description
The TCK Series High Precision CNC Turning Center Slant Bed product is a semi-closed slant-bed turning and milling machine with X, Y, Z and C axes servo control. The structure and external dimensions are compact and reasonable. The spindle (C axis) is driven by a servo motor. It can realize the turning of the outer circle, the end surface and the thread of various materials, such as shafts and discs, and various surface milling and drilling in radial and axial directions, and is suitable for efficient machining of small parts.

1.The inclined guide rail is mainly used to overcome gravity and have better stability to improve the precision of the machine tool
2.The inclined machine tool can effectively utilize the space and greatly reduce the plane occupied by the machine tool.
3.The inclined guide rail also facilitates the concentration of iron chips on the chip conveyor for automatic chip removal.

Standard accessories:
Hydraulic chuck
Servo main motor
Taiwan linear rail
Ball screw
hydraulic turret 8 position

Optional accessories:
Taiwan Spindle units
Taiwan ball screw
Chip conveyor
hydraulic turret 12 position

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