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YWH21 Series Hydraulic Punching Machine

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Technical Parameter :

Name Unit YWH21-100T YWH21-125T YWH21-160T YWH21-200T
Nominal Force KN 1000 1250 1600 2000
Liquid Max. Working Pressure mpa 22.5 25 25 25
Slider Stroke mm 180 220 220 220
Slider Work Times bpm 10-40 10-40 10-40 10-40
Closed Height mm 470 520 520 520
Stroke Adjustment mm 180 220 110 110
Throat Depth mm 310 350 350 400
Workbench Height from Ground mm 770 870 920 920
Fast Speed mm/s 210 250 230 230
Working Speed mm/s 14 16 10 10
Return Speed mm/s 195 200 170 170
Slider Bottom Size mm 500*350 600*500 600*500 700*580
Table Size mm 850*600 1000*650 1000*650 1300*740
Machine Dimensions mm 1350*1630*2500 1600×1850×3400 1700×2000×3500 1800×2100×3600
Motor Power kw 7.5/6 11/6 11 22
Oil Pump m1/r 40 Variable 63 Variable 63 Variable 80 Variable

YWH21 series Hydraulic punching machine widely used in stamping and forming in electrical appliances, instruments, vehicles, machinery, agricultural machinery, hardware and other industrial fields. C-shaped open body, convenient for mold loading and processing of larger size materials. Divided into two types of cast body steel body, stable performance, horizontal crankshaft, easy maintenance. Simple structure, good versatility, convenient maintenance and operation.

1. Punching, bending, flanging of plastic materials, thin plate stretching, fine blanking, cold extrusion of metal parts, and can also be used for correcting and pressing, grinding wheel forming and pressing and forming of plastic products and powder products.
2. Adopting the form of hydraulic transmission, YWH21 series fixed table hydraulic punching machine has the advantages of hydraulic punching machine and mechanical punching machine. It can not only change the size of the pressing force arbitrarily without overloading, but also can meet the delay requirements of various work departments during the pressing process.
3. In order to achieve the purpose of fast idle down and fast return of the slider, the machine tool adopts a speed-increasing oil cylinder, which automatically changes to a slow motion when it comes into contact with the workpiece, reducing the displacement and motor power of the multi-continuation oil pump, and reducing the noise.
4. A photoelectric protection device can be installed in front of the workbench to form a protective barrier in front of the workbench to protect the personal safety of the operator.
5. It is a centralized button, which can realize adjustment, semi-automatic and automatic three operation specifications.
6. With the advantages of novel structure, reliable performance, complete functions and high production efficiency, it is a new replacement product for mechanical punching machines.
7. The price of the press is reasonable, the product production efficiency is high, and the advantages are obvious.

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