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5-axis CNC tool grinding machine – TG580

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Product Introduction:

TG580 is a five-axis five-link CNC tool grinder newly developed by Ants Machine, has the excellent performance on tool grinding. It is suitable for the production or grinding of milling tools, drilling tools, forming tools etc.

With the beautiful outlook and friendly human-machine interface,the machine adopts the natural marble components to ensure tits stability during the working.

Product Features:
1. The machine adopts high precision power(12kw) direct-drive variable frequency electric spindle grinding head. The grinding wheel flange can be equipped with 2-4 pcs of grinding wheels at the same time, that meets the process requirements for grinding front, back and end faces of the tool.

2. The workpiece spindle uses DD direct drive, and the bearing is an NSK precision spindle bearing. It is equipped with Swiss SCHAUBLIN W25 precision collects, completing with pneumatic clamping device.

3. The machine adopts SYNTEC control system and JAPAN YASKAWA servo unit, British RENISHAW LPDD precision probe, Taiwan HIWIN precision rolling linear guide, ball screw, German HEIDENHAN encoder to ensure the superior performance and working precision of the tool. Meanwhile, to further ensure its processing dimensional accuracy, the rotary axis of the machine tool is implemented with double DD direct drive full closed loop control.

4. The machine adopts totally enclosed frame(front sliding doors, left, right and back maintenance doors), hand-hold electronic hand wheel, special start and stop button, foot switch, automatic cooling system and filter tank, automatic lubrication and mist absorbing devices, alarm buzzer, electricity board, cooling air-conditioner. Operation and maintenance are simple and convenient.

5. Work piece accuracy
Grinding work piece round runout≤0.005mm
Surface roughness of the work piece≤ Ra0.2.

Grinding Sample:




CNC system SYNTEC 210MA-5E
Grinding tools software ANTISHI
Processing workpiece diameter 200 mm
Max. processing workpiece length 200mm
Max. processing workpiece  groove depth 20mm
Max. Workpiece weight 20Kg
Grinding head Max. Power (electric spindle) 18 KW
Grinding wheels (CBN/diamond) Φ50~Φ200mm
Grinding head spindle rotation speed (frequency regulation) 0-8000rpm
Grinding head vertical travel(Y axis) 350(-100-250)mm
Workable travel X axis/Y-axis/Z-axis X:520 / Y:540 / Z:350
Linear axis quick travel speed 10m/min
Workpiece spindle rotation speed(A-axis) 200rpm
Rotation range of A-axis 360°
A axis spindle hole taper ISO50
Pneumatic clamping range 2~25mm
SCHUNK collects clamping range 3~32mm
Grinding head swing Max rotation speed(C-axis) 75rpm
Rotation range of C-axis 320°(-225°~95°)
Workpiece spindle center height 135mm
Workpiece spindle radial runout ≤0.005mm
Grinding head spindle radial runout ≤0.005mm
Air cylinder clamping force adjusting range 440-480kg
Linear-axis resolving power 0.00lmm
Rotation axis resolving power 0.00l°
Cooling motor power 3P
Cooling motor capacity 200L
Voltage AC 380V 50HZ 3 phase
Total power 20KW
Machine size 2200×1600×2400mm
Machine weight 5T

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