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6-Axis TG680 Five-Linkage CNC Tool Grinder

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Technical Parameter :

Technical Specification |Model  TG680
CNC system SYNTEC 210MA-5E
Grinding tools software ANTISHI
Processing workpiece diameter 200 mm
Max. processing workpiece length 150mm
Max. processing workpiece  groove depth 10mm
Max. Workpiece weight 10Kg
Grinding head Max. Power(electric spindle) 7 KW
Grinding wheels(CBN/diamond) Φ50~Φ200mm
Grinding head spindle rotation speed(frequency regulation) 1000-8000rpm
Grinding head vertical travel(Z axis) 320(-100-220)mm
Workable travel X axis/Y-axis/Z-axis X:285 / Y:300 / Z:320
Linear axis quick travel speed 10m/min
Workpiece spindle rotation speed(A-axis) 200rpm
Rotation range of A-axis
A axis spindle hole taper ISO50
Pneumatic clamping range 3~20mm
SCHUNK collects clamping range 3~32mm
Grinding head swing Max rotation speed(C-axis) 75rpm
Rotation range of C-axis 150°(+135°~-15°)
Workpiece spindle center height 140mm
Workpiece spindle radial runout ≤0.005mm
Grinding head spindle radial runout ≤0.005mm
Air cylinder clamping force adjusting range 500-580kg
Linear-axis resolving power 0.001mm
Rotation axis resolving power 0.001°
Cooling motor power 3P
Cooling motor capacity 150L
Voltage AC 380V 50HZ 3 phase
Total power 12 KW
Machine size 1600×1550×2100mm
Machine weight 3.5T

Product Details
TG680 is a six-axis five-linkage CNC tool grinder newly developed by ANTISHI Company. It is a high-precision tool grinder with excellent performance. It is suitable for the production or grinding of small-size (φ1-8mm) milling tools, drilling tools, and forming tools.

1.Machine tool arc shape, friendly man-machine interface, natural marble components, good stability.
2.The machine tool adopts high-precision, direct-drive frequency conversion electric spindle. The spindle has two sets of grinding wheel flanges. Each set of flanges can be equipped with 2 to 4 grinding wheels at the same time. According to the grinding process, the grinding wheel group can be changed quickly, which can fully satisfy various tools Grinding needs.
3.The workpiece spindle adopts dd direct drive, equipped with Taiwan Guangjie precision chuck body and collet, and the workpiece is automatically clamped.
4.The machine tool adopts the new generation 210MA-5E five-axis linkage control system and the Japanese Yaskawa servo unit, the Italian Marposs precision probe, the Shanghai silver precision rolling line rail and the THK ball screw, and the structure of the machine swing axis and the processing part are optimized. , To ensure the superior performance and working accuracy of the machine tool.
5.The machine tool adopts a fully enclosed appearance (movable sliding door on the front, maintenance doors on the left and back), cantilever control panel, handheld electronic handwheel, special start-stop button and foot switch, equipped with automatic cooling oil cooler and workpiece cooling Liquid control device, automatic lubrication device and mist suction interface, alarm buzzer, and electrical box cooling air-conditioning make the operation, maintenance, and maintenance changes of the machine tool simple and convenient.

Grinding Tools Sample:

Standard Equipment
Machine tool host
New generation 210MA-5E CNC system
Servo unit
ANTISHI Tool Package
HSK quick change precision grinding wheel
Work piece pneumatic clamping device
Mist interface
automatic lubricating device
Automatic loading and unloading

Optional Equipment
Filter system
Special holding fixture
Grinding wheel
Automatic loading attachment
British RENISHAW LPDD precision probe
Marposs probe ets.

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