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H3 High precision CNC step grinding machine

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Technical Parameter :

NO. Technical Descriptions Unit Model: H3
1 Clamping work-piece diameter rang mm 0.5-20
2 Grinding work-piece diameter range mm 0.05-20
3 Clamping / grinding work-piece Maximum length mm 300/200
4 Control system (CNC-4 axis) ANCA-X/Y/Z/Z′
5 Feeding and receiving station system (CNC-3 axis) ANCA-U/V/W
6 Rough grinding  Grinding wheel size (diameter) × width × Aperture) mm 250×20×31.75
7 Grinding wheel speed rpm 0~8500(Motorized spindle)
8 Maximum linear speed of grinding wheel m/s 90
9 Grinding wheel spindle motor KW 8.5/20
10 Fine grinding Grinding wheel size (diameter) × width × Aperture) mm 150×20×31.75
11 Grinding wheel speed (motorized spindle) rpm 0~12000(Motorized spindle)
12 Grinding wheel maximum linear speed m/s 90
13 Grinding wheel spindle motor KW 5
14 X/Y/Z/Z′axis Minimum feed rate mm 0.001
15 X-axis stroke (rough grinding axle) mm 100
16 Y-axis stroke (fine grinding wheel axle) mm 29
17 Z-axis stroke (working head) mm 380
18 Z ‘axis stroke (fourth axis) mm 55
19 X/Y/Z/ Z′axis servo motor KW 2
20 Head spindle table motor KW 1
21 Working head Spindle speed rpm 0-2000
22 High pressure oil pump KW 0.25
23 Working head spindle rotation mode fixed
24 Support length positioning mode Front positioning
25 Manipulator U / V / W axis servo motor KW 1
26 Grinding fluid tank mm 300*300*1000
27 Gross weight (approx.) Kg 5000
28 Overall dimension (length) × wide × High) mm 2450*1980*2000

Product introduction :

The walking center level difference grinder adopts a special walking center structure, which can grind multiple stages of work-pieces within 0.05-20 mm. It adopts the Chinese secondary development highly automated grinding system developed by Australian ANCA company, which can freely move and rearrange buttons and icons. The creation interface of multi-step and complex interrupted work-pieces can be realized without programming, and the interactive touch screen technology with high performance can easily realize more advanced gesture commands.

Standard Equipment

1 CNC control system
2 X / Z axis feed servo motor
3 X / Z axis ball screw
4 Collet and clamping head
5 Rough grinding spindle
6 Fine grinding spindle
7 Manipulator servo
8 End face positioning device
9 Full automatic oiler
10 coupling
11 Wear resistant material
12 Water pump drive motor
13 Switch button / contact
14 Belt
15 Oil circuit components
16 Bearing
17 LED work light
18 Cooling water tank
19 Foundation cushion block

Optional Equipment

1 Scroll double effect filter (including cooling device)
2 Oil mist separator

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