Three-Pass Wire Cutting EDM

AC Servo Medium-Speed Wire Cutting EDM Machine 1200F3

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Technical Parameter :

Specifications Unit 1200F3
Machine Size (L*W*H) mm 3400*4300*2600
Total weight kg 9000
Worktable Table size (W*L) mm 1490*1200
Travel X-axis travel mm 1200
Y-axis travel mm 1000
Z axis travel mm 500
Length* width mm 2000*1460
Pulse Width us 1-250
Working Fluid tank Output pulse gap to pulse width ratio 4—15

Power Supply

Number of low pressure pipes pcs 0-15
Number of high pressure pipes pcs 0-3
AC tube number pcs 0-3
AC pulse width gear 0-7
Servo Speed gear 0-15
Servo Tracking gear 1-199
Servo speed limit gear 1-500
Wire speed time 0-3
Cutting times time 1-7
Mini mechanical drive equivalent of each axis um 1
Cutting thickness mm 600
Max. cutting slope/ workpiece thickness ±12°/80
Processing Capacity Max. load capacity of the worktable kg 3000
Positioning accuracy X/Y mm ≤0.015
Repeat positioning accuracy X/Y mm ≤0.008
Machining Accuracy Multi-knife cutting accuracy mm ≤0.01 (diameter 18 square height 25mm, cut one and trim two, material SKD11 or Cr12)
Optimum Surface Roughness um Ra≤1.0 (Square 10mm*10mm*25mm cut one and trim three, material SKD11 or Cr12)
Max. cutting efficiency mm2∕min ≥180
Common cutting efficiency mm2∕min ≥120


Max. processing current A ≥8-12
Power consumption KW ≤3.5
Wire Diameter mm ∮0.12-∮0.2
Wire drum speed Frequency
Wire Winding System Tight wire method Automatic tightening
Wire speed m/s 3-12
Filtration accuracy um <10
Filter Method Multi-stage filtering method


Working Fluid Special cutting fluid/SPK-808
Environment And Electricity Electricity kpa 380V±10% / 50/60Hz / 2kVA
Temperature Temperature 15-30℃ / Humidity 40-80%
Barometric Pressure 86-106kpa

Equipment Introductions
Shanghai ANTISHI “F3” series wire cutting machine tool is a five-axis CNC medium-feeding wire-cutting machine tool with large taper, which realizes the five-axis CNC four-axis linkage servo control mode, and is the real high-precision five-axis CNC medium-feeding wire-cutting machine tool in China , It fully adopts the machine tool structure of slow wire walking and the slow wire walking control method, which has extremely high reliability and high processing stability.

1. The casting of wire-feeding level precision castings greatly enhances the stability and reliability of the machine tool for long-term use, especially the accuracy of the machine tool is completely comparable to that of slow wire-feeding.
2. Produce in strict accordance with the Swiss AGIE CHARMILES manufacturing process, manufacturing standards, and inspection standards.
3. Pursue “fine workmanship” in every step, extremely strict.

Drive and Control
1. The original AGIE CHARMILES designed full-imported linear guide rail, the ball screw is directly connected with the AC servo motor, with higher precision and longer retention.
2. X, Y axis AC servo drive control.
3. The U, V, and Z axes all adopt linear guide rails, ball screws and motors are directly connected, which truly realizes high reliability and high precision of taper processing, and at the same time realizes CNC at any point on the Z axis.
4. Five-axis CNC, control accuracy 0.001mm.

Wire transportation
The ed automatic wire tightening device can track the tightness of the molybdenum wire in real time. Solve the possibility of molybdenum wire jumping.

Water tank filtration&Environmental protection processing
1. Multi-stage filter water tank. Fully enclosed sheet metal design, more reliable structure.
2. Long-term processing without water mist splashing, processing is more hygienic and more environmentally friendly.

Machining and testing
1. High-precision imported gantry machining centers, precision grinding machines, and related equipment perform high-precision machining on the fuselage and mechanical parts.
2. The mechanical bed and parts are strictly in accordance with the inspection standards of AGIE CHARMILES in Switzerland, and are inspected by German ZEISS three-coordinate measuring instrument, Japanese MITUTOYO roughness tester, German height detector and other testing equipment.
3. The British RENISHAW laser interferometer detects the whole process accuracy of the machine tool, and realizes pitch and backlash compensation.

In order to better improve the accuracy, stability and consistency of our products, Shanghai ANTISHI has introduced a German ZEISS three-dimensional coordinate measuring instrument for three-dimensional inspection and screening of machine tool castings and purchased parts.

Name Specifications Supplier
Machine bed Swiss Design Precision Casting China
Large taper structure Patented product China
X. Y-axis lead screw G40*5 C3 HIWIN/PMI
X-axis, Y-axis guide rail HGW45 P HIWIN/PMI
X Y axis motor 1.5KW PANASONIC
Guide wheel Special guide wheel China
Ruby guide wire Patented product China
Reversing switch / China
Filtering system Multi-stage filtering method ANTISHI
Power control cabinet High performance CNC power supply ANTISHI
Industrial control computer Fan-less dual-core CPU (4 threads) ANTISHI
AC servo motor PANASONIC Japan
AC Servo Motor Driver PANASONIC Japan
Inverter SHILIN Taiwan
Relay OMRON Japan
Contactor SCHNEIDER France

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