Three-Pass Wire Cutting EDM

CNC AC Servo Medium Wire Cutting Machine 400GS3

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Technical Parameter :

Specifications 400GS3
Occupation size (L*W*D) 1750*1250*2000mm
Machine weight 4000kg
Worktable Size(L*W) 450*660mm
X-axis travel 400mm
Y-axis travel 320mm
Z-axis travel 260mm
Pulse Width 1-250us
Output pulse gap to pulse width ratio 4—15
Number of low pressure pipes 0-15
Number of high pressure pipes 0-3
Servo speed 0-15
Servo tracking 1-199
Servo speed limit 1-500
Wire speed 0-3
Cutting times 1-7
Minimum mechanical drive equivalent 1um
Pulse resolution 0.4um
Spindle travel (electrically adjustable) 300mm
Maximum cutting slope/work piece thickness ±6°/80
The maximum load capacity of the workable 400kg
Positioning accuracy X/Y ≤0.01mm
Repeat positioning accuracy X/Y ≤0.005mm
Best multi-knife cutting accuracy ≤0.005mm (diameter 18 square height 40mm, cut

One repair two, material SKD11 or Cr12, HRC58)

Optimum Surface Roughness Ra≤0.6 (square 10mm*10mm*40mm, material

Material SKD11 or Cr12,HRC58))

Maximum cutting efficiency ≥300mm2∕min
Maximum processing current ≥10 A
Processing power no-load voltage 100 V
Power consumption ≤1 Kw
Wire Diameter ∮0.12-∮0.2mm
Wire drum speed Frequency
Tight wire method Two-way automatic wire tightening
Wire speed 3-12 m/s
Filtration accuracy <5um
Filter method Slow wire filter
Working fluid Special Cutting Fluid
Electricity 380V±10% / 50/60Hz / 2kVA
Temperature Temperature 15-30℃ / Humidity 40-80%
Barometric pressure 86-106kpa

Equipment Introductions
400GS3 wire cutting machine tool is a five-axis CNC wire cutting machine tool with electric lifting and lowering of the “Z” axis. It is the earliest servo mid-feeding wire cutting machine tool in China that adopts this structure to achieve stable processing.

1.The fuselage is integrally cast with high-quality resin sand, and has been tempered twice, and then treated by special means to eliminate the internal stress of the casting, ensure that the machine tool will not deform for a long time, and ensure the continuous maintenance of machine tool precision.
2.The “T” shaped bed base is adopted, and when the worktable moves to the maximum position in the left and right directions, it rarely leaves the base. Greatly increased the stability of processing.
3. The overall machine tool adopts a “C”-shaped structure, which has a stable structure and better precision retention.
4. Each moving part of the machine tool adopts a point-to-point refueling mode to ensure smooth oil passage of the moving parts.
5. All imported linear guide rails, ball screw and AC servo motor are directly connected, with higher precision and longer retention.
6. X.Y axis AC servo drive control.
7. Multi-stage filter water tank. Fully enclosed sheet metal design, more reliable structure.
8. Long-term processing without water mist splashing, processing is more hygienic and more environmentally friendly.
9. The CNC power supply has an adaptive control loop to ensure that it is not easy to break the wire during high-current processing.
10. Ultra-low molybdenum wire loss circuit.
11. The CNC power supply has an AC power control circuit; high voltage and low voltage circuits.
12. The high-end body is equipped with a high-performance CNC power supply, which can not only obtain high efficiency and ultra-low molybdenum wire loss during rough machining, but also obtain ultra-high smoothness during knife repairing.
13. The Auto Cut system supports graphic-driven automatic programming, the user does not need to touch the code, only needs to set the processing technology for the processing graphics, and then the processing can be carried out.
14. The software can be directly embedded into various versions of software such as Auto CAD and CAXA.
15. A variety of processing methods can be combined flexibly (continuous, single-stage, forward, reverse, reverse, etc.)
16. Real-time monitoring of the X, Y, U, V four-axis processing status of the wire cutting machine tool.
17. Processing preview, real-time display of the processing process; 3D tracking display can be performed during taper processing, the graphics can be zoomed in and zoomed out, and the processing situation can be observed from multiple angles such as the main view, left view, and top view.
18. Single cut or multiple cuts are available to increase processing speed and finish.
19. With user-maintainable process library function, multiple processing becomes simple and reliable.
20. The processing of taper work pieces adopts five-axis CNC four-axis linkage control technology, which can conveniently process upper and lower special-shaped surfaces, making complex taper graphics processing simple and accurate.
21. With automatic alarm function, it will automatically alarm when the processing is completed or when there is a failure, and the alarm time can be set.
22. Support corner cleaning and delay processing, and delay at the corner of the machining track to improve the deviation caused by the bending of the electrode wire.
23. Support the backlash compensation function, which can compensate the screw backlash error of the machine tool to improve the accuracy of the machine tool.
24. With English, Russian two language switching.
25. The imperial coordinate position can be queried at any time during processing.


Standard Equipment
Machine 400GS3
Guide rail, Lead screw
Guide wheel
Guide wire
Reversing switch
Filtering system
Power control cabinet
Industrial control computer
AC servo motor
AC Servo Motor Driver
Console 90 degree rotation device
Innovative LED work light
Fully enclosed working liquid tank
Constant tension wire system
Cutting fluid (1 barrel)
Molybdenum wire (1 disc)
Electric control box cooling fan
Processing efficiency/accuracy/life is guaranteed for more than 5 years
Disassembler and wire removal wheel
Network communication integrated information interface

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