One-Pass Wire Cutting EDM

AHF Series Premium High-end Fast Cutting Wire Cut WEDM Machine

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Technical Parameter :

ITEM of Description AHF35 AHF45
Work surface size (mm) 360×630 570×810
Work surface travel (mm) 350×450 450×550
Maximum cutting thickness (mm) 500 500
Maximum load capacity (kg) 300 450
Manufacturing Standards GB7926—2005 GB7926—2005
Wire cutting mode Fast speed wire cut Fast speed wire cut
Maximum cutting speed (mm²/min) 100 100
Processing area roughness Ra(um) 2.5 2.5
Maximum current (A) 6 6
Electrode wire diameter (mm) 0.18 0.18
Electrode wire fixed speed 11M/S 11M/S
Working fluid DX-1 DX-4 DX-1 DX-4
Working fluid capacity (L) 80 80
Processing taper 6°/80MM 6°/80MM
Voltage 380V/50HZ/3PH 380V/50HZ/3PH
Control cabinet AutoCut/HL AutoCut/HL

Product Description
AHF Series high-end fast cutting wire cut machine tool adopts
AHF series high-end wire cutting machine is a kind of wire cut WEDM machine specially customized for high-end users by Shanghai ANTISHICNC according to the requirements of Japanese customers.
Fully take use of Taiwan orgional produced HIWIN linear guide and HIWIN ball screw
The machine tool has a novel structure, with a flat-shaped bed, C-shaped wire frame, and fully supported workbench.
Servo machine tools adopt Panasonic servo system
The main components adopt precision ball screws and steel guide rails, with high mechanical transmission precision. In particular, the taper machine tool has the characteristics of extremely strong rigidity.
The machine tool control part integrates computer, machine tool electrical, and pulse power supply. The microcomputer control system can be programmed and processed at the same time. The control system has automatic center finding, end shutdown, short-circuit rollback, power outage memory to resume processing, and graphic trajectory tracking display. , control functions such as placing and processing at any angle.

Application Fields
Processing objects: cutting forgings, forging dies and tooling cutting. Electrical discharge processing of various complex molds and parts, used for processing of various non-ferrous metals, tool steel, alloy steel and other materials.
Materials: Mainly include 45#, 5GrNIMo, 45Gr2NiMoSi, B2, H13 and other metal materials.

Standard Accessories

NO Accessories Quantity
1 Bridge plate 1 set
2 Spacer 2 pieces
3 Fixture 1 set
4 Calibrator 1 piece
5 Foot Pad 6 pieces
6 Wire tightener 1 piece
7 Wire-travelling handle 1 piece
8 Upright rocker 1 piece
9 Taper waterproof shield 1 piece
10 Water tank 1 piece
11 Water pump 1 piece
12 Plexiglas cover 1 set
13 Machine cover 1 piece
14 Power cable 1 set
15 Water pipe 3 sets
16 Wire protection Shield 1 set
17 Hand-pressed oiler 1 piece


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