One-Pass Wire Cutting EDM

DK77100 Large Table Size Fast Speed EDM Wire Cutting Machine

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Technical Parameter :

Specifications DK77100
Electrical cabinet form Vertical cabinet (full step type)
Guide V flat guide rail
Lead screw form Ball screw
XY motion motor form Stepper motor
Working mode of wire conveying motor Frequency converter speed regulation 1 ~ 12m / S
Machine tool protection Environmental protection cover
Resolution of motion axis 0.001mm
Table size 1150X1600
X.Y axial stroke 1000X1200mm
U. V-axis stroke ±35×±35mm
Machining taper / machining thickness ±6°/80mm
Maximum straight cutting thickness 1100mm(Z-axis electric lifting)
Control mode 4 axis linkage
Maximum load capacity 1500kg
Maximum processing current 4.5A
Maximum processing efficiency Cr12, H = 60mm ≥180 mm²/m
Surface roughness (straight cutting,

H ≤ 40mm)

Cutting accuracy Cr12, H = 40mm ≤0.015mm
Radial runout of wire storage cylinder ≤0.02mm
Molybdenum wire diameter range 0.12~0.22mm
Wire storage capacity of wire storage cylinder 250m
Molybdenum wire loss Cr12, H = 40mm ≤0.02mm /300000mm² ,
Cutting power supply High frequency power supply system without resistance
Operating system Windows XP
Control system AUTOCUT
Communication interface LAN, RS232, USB
Operation function Drawing or CAD drawing import
Working tank volume 55L
Working fluid filtration mode Filter screen filtration
Weight of whole machine 6000 kg
Overall dimension of main engine 2500x2300x2500mm
Cabinet size 730×630×1820mm
Rated power of electric appliance ≤ 2.7kW

Product Description

WEDM consists of main machine, electrical control system, software and cooling filter system. The equipment is used for the discharge machining of various complex dies and parts, for the machining of various non-ferrous metals, tool steels, alloy steels and other materials. The main machine of the equipment shall have high geometric accuracy and position accuracy, and enough static, dynamic, thermal stiffness and accuracy. The equipment has the functions of taper cutting, variable taper and special meshing cutting;

DK77100 Large table size WEDM is composed of main machine, electrical control system, software part and cooling and filtering system.
The main machine is mainly composed of fuselage, column, wire frame,
workbench, etc. the structure of the machine tool is compact and the design is reasonable. It has
five axes of X,Y, U, V and Z, among which the four axes of X, Y, U and V are linked and driven by
step without resistance and constant current. The vertical cabinet DQE-DS-03 (full step type) of the electrical cabinet is made of cold-rolled steel plate, with electrostatic spray molding. The interior is
equipped with computer and control software, high-frequency control module, driver, frequency converter, fan, etc. The cooling system includes water tank, cooling pump and filter screen.

Consumable Parts List

Specifications Need to have Remark
Molybdenum wire, 0.18mm 20 2000m/spool
JR3A 27 2kg/can,9 can per carton
Guide Wheel 10 Φ45*60mm
Conductive Block 20 10*20*8mm
Filter 10 Φ33*35*150mm

Vulnerable parts — A Full set of Circuit board  Optional

S/N Specification Qty.
1. Driver board 1
2. Power amplifier board 1
3. Inveter 1

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