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Bench strong drilling machine

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Technical Parameter :

Model Z4116G/Z4113G Z4120G Z4132G
Max.Drilling capacity Φ16/Φ13 20 31.75mm
Max.Tapping capacity M12/M10 M16 M24(cast iron)/M20(steel)
Diameter of column 70mm 85mm Φ100
Spindle travel 130mm 135mm 150mm
Distance spindle axis to column 193mm 260mm 265mm
Max.Distance spindle nose to table 330mm 366mm 390mm
Max.Distance spindle nose to base 613mm 678mm 745mm
Spindle Taper MT2/B16 MT2 MT3
No. of Speeds 5speeds 5speeds 5speeds
Spindle speeds range 320~2730r/min 290~2150r/min 280~1875r/min
Dimension of workable surface 265x285mm 300mm x 320mm 380x400mm
Dimension of base 360x480mm 376mm x 566mm 645x470mm
Overall height 1130mm 1245mm 1370mm
Motor 0.55KW(6P) 1.1kw(6P) 1.5KW(4P)
Approx.net weight 145kg 179kg 230kg
Packing size 850x540x1282mm 990x564x1402mm 1039x644x1512mm

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