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BL Series High Precision CNC Lathe

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Project unit BL5 BL5-C
processing range Max swing diameter over bed Mm(in) Φ500




The largest rotary diameter on the saddle. mm(in) Φ320




Max turning length mm(in) 500




Max. turning diameter mm(in) Φ370




principal  axis Maximum rod diameter.

(with hollow chuck)

mm(in) Φ51




Hydraulic chuck diameter mm(in) Φ210(8) Φ210(8)
mode of spindle head   A2-6(GB5900.1) A2-6


Thru-hole of spindle mm(in) Φ62




maximum speed of spindle r/min(rpm) 4500 4500
Main motor rated power.

(continuous /30 minutes)

kW(hp) 11/15




tailstock Sleeve diameter / stroke mm(in) Φ90/100

(Φ3.543/ 3.937)


(Φ3.543/ 3.937)

Standard/live spindle structure apex taper MT No. 5/4 5/4
Sliding base

angle of inclination

DEG 45° 45°

migration length X

mm(in) 210(8.268) 210(8.268)

migration length Z

mm(in) 550(21.654) 550(21.654)

Fast moving speed X/Z

m/min(ipm) 20/20




knife rest stations of tool carrier   8/12 8/12
Tool size (turning/boring) mm 25×25/Φ40 25×25/Φ40
accuracy X/Z Positioning accuracy mm(in) 0.008/0.008



X/Z repeated positioning accuracy

mm(in) 0.003/0.004(0.0001811/0.0001575) 0.003/0.003(0.0001811/0.0001811)
other power source kVA 35 35
Volume (length x width x height) mm(in) 2860×1830×2020

(112.6×72×79.5 )


(112.6×72×79.5 )

total weight kg(lbs) 4500





BL series highprecision CNC lathe is a high-end series CNC lathe developed by our companywith Temperature Compensation System; Lathe bed, head stock and saddle partsadopt high-grade casts.

Machineperformance characteristics:

1.The mainaccuracy is reduced by 60%-70% of the national standard.

2.Intelligentcompensation function for thermal error;

3.Italian directdrive tool holder, simple structure.

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