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BM63150C precision CNC turning machine

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Technical Parameter :

Item Unit BM63150C
Capacity Max swing over bed mm(in) Φ800(31.496)
Max swing dia.over slide mm(in) Φ600(23.622)
Max turning diameter mm(in) Φ630(24.803)
Max turning length mm(in) 1500(60)
Spindle Hydraulic chuck diameter mm(in) Φ250(10)
Spindle nose A2-8(GB/T5900.1)
Spindle thru-hole mm(in) Φ105(4.133)
Spindle bearings(front/rear) mm(in) Φ160/Φ140(6.299/5.512)
Spindle speed r/min(rpm) 50-3000
Main motor power (cont/30min) kW(hp) 67.4/80(91.66/108.8)
Max output torque of spindle N•m(ft-lb) 795(586.281)
Carriage Slant angle DEG 45°
X/Z-axis travel mm(in) 385/1500(15.157/60)
X/Z-axis rapid traverse m/min(ipm) 24/24
X/Z-axis servo motor torque N•m(ft-lb) 37/37(27.286)
X/Z-axis ball screw diameter mm Φ40/Φ50(1.574/1.968)
Turret Number of stations 12
Tool section(turning/boring) mm(in) 32×32/Φ50(1.26/1.9)
Tailstock Quill dia/travel mm(in) φ130/150(5.118/5.906〞)
Taper of center MT No. 6
Accuracy Run-out of spindle mm(in) 0.0005(0.0000196)
Periodical axial slip of spindle mm(in) 0.001(0.0000393)
X/Z-axis repeatability mm(in) 0.003/0.003(0.000118)
Others Power source kVA 100
Dimension(L×W×H) (without chip conveyer) mm(in) 5260×2607×2335


Dimension(L×W×H) (with chip conveyer) mm(in) 5967×2607×2335


Dynamic/static spindle hydraulic station and oil cooler,water cooler(L×W×H) mm(in) 4500×1500×2000


Gross weight(net weight) (incl:Dynamic/static spindle hydraulic station and oil cooler,water cooler kg


13500(29761 lb)

15000 (33068 lb)


BM63150C precision CNC turning machine is 2010- year subjectunder Major Science and Technology Program for High-grade CNC Machines andBasic Manufacturing Equipment (subject No. 2010ZX04001-051).

It is equipped with integral slant bed made of granite,linear rolling ways, large-scale precision and dynamic/static pressure spindlewhich is directly driven, precision ball screw, reliability index MTBF≥900.

It is suitable for accurate machining of precision workpiecesin car and aerospace industries.

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