Flat-bed CNC Lathe

CK6150 CK6160 CNC Automatic Precision Metal Lathe Machine

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Technical Parameter :

Specifications Units CK6150 CK6160
Swing over bed mm 500 600
Swing over cross slide mm 280 395
Work piece Length mm 850/1350/1850/2850 850/1350/1850
Guide width mm 400 400
X Max. axis travel mm 250 250
Z Max. axis travel mm 1000/1500/2000/3000 1000/1500/2000/3000
Spindle  taper MT6 MT6
Turret/tool of spindle mm 82 82
Spindle speeds mm 150-320/300-960/500-1400 800/1800
Tail stock sleeve travel mm 140 140
Tail stock sleeve Dia. mm 75 75
X/Z Rapid traverse m/min 6/8 6/8
Turret type 4 4
Cutting tool size mm 25*25 25*25
Spindle motor kw 7.5 7.5
Machine dimension(L*W*H) mm 2700/3200/3700/4700*1500*1690 2700/3200/3700*1500*1690
Weigh(about) kg 2500/3000/3500/4500 2500/3000/3500

Product description
CK Series machine tools is a mature product has a compact structure, beautiful appearance, large spindle torque, high rigidity, stable and reliable performance, and excellent accuracy retention.This series machine can automatically process the inside and outside cylinder surface, cone surface, circular arc surface, end face, such as processing, and also can process the single and multiple threads in metric, inch and other standards.

1.Optimized design of the head-stock, suitable for turning of disc and shaft parts. It can process straight, arc, metric and inch threads, and multi-threaded. It is suitable for turning discs and shafts with complex shapes and high precision requirements. Parts Processing.

2.Both the machine tool guide rail and the sliding saddle guide rail adopt hard guide rails of special materials, which are super hard and wear-resistant, durable, and have good machining accuracy retention after high-frequency quenching.

3.Adopts domestic famous and high-quality ball screw and high-precision screw bearing.

4.The spindle adopts high-precision spindle bearing set and has been precisely assembled and dynamically balanced to ensure that the spindle has high precision, low noise and strong rigidity.

5.Each lubrication point adopts a forced automatic lubrication device for fixed-point and
quantitative lubrication of the lead screw and guide rail. When there is an abnormal state or the amount of oil is insufficient, a warning signal is automatically generated.

6.The guide rail is equipped with a scraping device to prevent the guide rail from being corroded by iron filings and coolant, and to facilitate the cleaning of the iron filings.

Standard Equipment:
Manual 3-jaw chuck.
4-station electric tool post.
Manual tail stock
Cooling system.
Automatic lubrication system.

Optional Equipment:
2. Hydraulic chuck/Pneumatic chuck.
3. Hydraulic tail stock/Pneumatic tail-stock.
4. Horizontal 6-station turret/8-station turret.
5. Auto bar feeder
6. Chip conveyor

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