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BullHead Shaping Machine BC6085

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Technical Parameter :

Maximum planing length mm 850
Maximum distance from ram floor to work surface mm 400
Maximum lateral movement distance of worktable mm 710
Maximum vertical movement distance of worktable mm 360
Size of working surface on worktable (length×width) mm 800*450
Tool post stroke mm 160
Swivel angle of tool post ° ±60
Ram reciprocating times per minute 17,24,35,50,70,100
Range of table motorized feed Horizontal feed (12 levels) mm 0.25-3
Vertical feed (12 levels) mm 0.12-1.5
Fast moving speed of worktable Horizontal feed mm 1.2
Vertical feed mm 0.58
Central T-slot size of worktable mm 22
main motor power kw 5.5
Dimensions (length×width×height) mm 2950*1325*1693
weight kg 2940

Product Description:
The ram carries the planing knife for horizontal and linear movement. The tool holder can rotate at an angle in the vertical plane and can be manually fed. The worktable carries the workpiece for intermittent horizontal or vertical feed movement for processing planes and grooves. Grooves and dovetail surfaces can also be used to machine shaped surfaces, such as turbine blades. The ram and sliding seat can also move on the bed (horizontal type) or column (vertical type), which is suitable for planing the local plane of super large workpieces. Use the knives of the reversal movement to cut the workpieces that have been fixed on the working platform of the machine tool.

Product Features:
The machine tool has advanced design, beautiful appearance, reliable performance, stable precision, simple operation and convenient maintenance.

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