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CD125/CD160 vertical CNC lathe

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Description Unit Specification
Capacity Dia. of table mm (in) 1000(39.370)
Max. swing dia. mm(in) Φ1250(49.212)
Max. turning dia. mm(in) Φ1100(43.307)
Max. work length mm(in) 900(35.433)
Max. work weight Kg(imb) 4000(8820)
Table Rotation speed of table r/min(rpm) 15~150
Max. torque of table Nm(ft-lb) 1500(1106)
Power of main motor kW(ph) 15(20.4) (general motor)
Feed Travel X mm(in) 650(25.590)
Travel of slide sleeper Z mm(in) 900(35.433)
Rapid traverse X/Z mm/min() 10(393.7)/10(393.7)
Servo motor torque X/Z Nm(ft-lb) 23(16.961)/23(16.961)
Servo motor power X/Z kW(hp) 4.0(5.44)/4.0(5.44)
Ball screw diameter X/Z mm Φ50 /Φ50
Turret Number of tools 2
Tool section mm 32×32
Others Power kVA 25
Dimensions(L×W×H) mm(in) 2420(95.2)×2081(81.9)×3535(139.2)
Gross weight Kg(lmb) 10000(22050)


CD125/CD160 vertical CNC lathe is a bigsize economical machine which is suitable for rough and finish machining plateand short shaft type parts. The machine base and column are symmetrical boxstructure. The guideways of crossbeam are treated by middle-frequency inductionand precision ground. Z-axis is box type structure which is suitable for biginner hole boring machining.

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