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VW24T CNC Vertical lathe

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Technical Parameter :

project unit specifications
capacity Max. roating diameter mm(in) Φ870(34.25)
Appron roating diameter mm(in) Φ700(27.56)
Max. working length mm(in) 450(17.7)
Max. diameter of wheel hub Inch 26″(610mm)
Max. height of wheel hub Inch 14″(356mm)
principle axis Hydraulic chuck diameter Inch Zhong shi 21″

(select configuration)

Mode of spindle head A2-11
Diameter of spindle bearing mm(in) 180/160(front /back)
Spindle speed rpm(rpm) 20-2000
Spindle power Kw(hp) 45/55(33/40.5)
apron route(X1X2/Z1Z2) mm(in) 520/550(20.47/21.65)
Rapid speed(X1X2/Z1Z2) m/min(ipm) 24/24(945/945)
servo motor(X1X2/Z1Z2) α30i/α30i
Servo motor torsion feed system(X1X2/Z1Z2) N m(ft-lb) 30/30(40.65/40.65)
Servo motor power(X1X2/Z1Z2) kW(hp) 7/7(5.14/5.14)
Ball screw diameter guide


mm(in) Φ50×8/Φ50×8

(2 x0.315/2 x0.315)

tool rest stations .

Horizontal 6 station servo.

Tool size (turning/boring) mm(in) 32×32/Φ50(1.25X1.25/2)
others power kVA 85
Volumn ((L×W×H)) mm(in) 3400X4700X3365


Main machine net weight/total weight



Kg(lbs) about16000/17000(about 35208/37485)


VW24T dual-turret vertical CNC lathe is designed for machining hubs of automotive industry. It has single spindle but dual-turret, controlling by dual-channel NC unit, two 6-stationservo turret can feed separately and do cutting on internal and external surface of hubs. One control with two feeding system ensure high efficiency machining and small working space occupation.


1. vertical structure, smoothchip removal, easy clamping operation.
2. high strength castingbase and column, well shock-absorbing.
3. the spindle with sleevestructure which is symmetrical and suspension type, low speed spindle but hightorque motor. With imported high quality grease for spindle lubrication, wholesealing, maintenance free.
4. with 6-station servoturret, movable, easy-cleaning separated type coolant tank.
5. full cover safety doorsto prevent chips splashing.
6. all mearing units areaccording to the international system (SI).

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