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CK53100 CNC Single Column Mobile Vertical Lathe

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Technical Parameter :

No. Name: CK53100 Unit Standard value Remark
Main Parameter
1) Maximum turning work-piece diameter mm Φ10000
2) Maximum turning diameter over center mm Φ6000
3) Maximum turning work-piece height mm 3000
4) Maximum turning weight n≤10r/min Ton 80
Machine speed 30
Work Table
1) Table diameter mm Φ5000
2) Table turning speed r/min 0.2-20
3) Maximum turning torque of the table KN.m 160
4) Table turning speed series Two-speed continuously variable transmission
Tool holder
1) Maximum allowable cutting force for vertical tool post (ram extension≤500mm) KN 60
2) Sectional dimension of vertical tool post ram mm 280×240
3) Tool holder section size mm 50×50
1) The maximum stroke of the horizontal movement of the vertical turret mm 3600
2) Maximum stroke of vertical tool post ram mm 1500
3) Maximum over-travel of ram center-line to table center mm 50
4) Beam travel mm 2000
5) Column stroke mm 2000
Moving speed
1) Tool holder and ram feed range Feed per minute mm/min 0.1-400
Table feed per revolution mm /r 0.01-50
2) Tool holder rapid movement speed mm/min 3000
3) Ram fast movement speed mm/min 3000
4) Beam lift speed mm/min 280
5) Column movement speed mm/min 500
1) Main motor power kW 75
2) Feed motor torque N.m 42
General parameters of the machine
1) Total machine power kW 215
2) Machine tool area (length × width × height above ground) mm 18300×11500×8500

Products Introduction :

This machine is a CK53100 CNC single-column mobile vertical lathe equipped with a vertical turning tool rest. It can turn internal and external cylinders, cones, planes and various rotating surfaces, and can process threads and perform constant-speed plane turning.

It is suitable for high-speed steel, carbide and ceramic tools, and can efficiently and automatically process various ferrous metals and alloys. Metal, some non-metallic materials and other work-pieces.

The machine tool is composed of the main transmission part composed of the worktable, the base, and the main gearbox and the feed part composed of the Machine, the column, the beam, the sliding seat, and the vertical tool rest, which are independently fixed to the foundation.

The machine tool is equipped with an independent lifting platform, and there is a centralized control console on the lifting platform.

The feed axis of the machine tool:
X axis—the vertical tool holder moves horizontally along the beam guide rail;
Z axis – the ram moves vertically in the vertical tool holder.

Other motion axes of the machine tool:
The worktable turning spindle rotates; the column moves horizontally along the Machine; the beam moves vertically along the column; the lifting platform moves vertically; the lifting platform moves horizontally.

The machine tool adopts Siemens 840DSL numerical control system, the electric cabinet is placed behind the machine tool, the X-axis and Z-axis movements are closed-loop control, and the position detection device adopts a grating ruler.

Machine tool paint color code: according to the standard color code of ANTISHI machine tool (the main color of the machine tool is RAL7035 light gray, the auxiliary color of the machine tool is RAL7016 anthracite, the color of the machine tool is RAL3020 China red, the machine tool ladder, fence, attachment milling head RAL1023 traffic yellow, chip conveyor, Water tank, fuel tank, etc. are RAL7016 anthracite).

If the user has special requirements for the color of the machine tool, the user needs to specify or provide the paint color code within 1 month after the contract takes effect, which can be implemented according to the user’s requirements.

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