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CK43 series CNC lathe of crank connecting neck

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Technical Parameter :

Item Unit Data
CK4363 CK4375
Max. swing mm(in) Φ670(Φ26.378) Φ850(Φ33.465)
Max. machining length of crank mm(in) 800(31.496) 1500(59.055)
Max. turning dia. mm(in) Φ450(17.717) Φ550(21.654)
Dia. of jig mm(in) Φ320(12.598) Φ380(14.961)
Spindle nose A2-8 (GB5900.1) A2-11 (GB5900.1)
Spindle speed r/min(rpm) 50–1200 30–1200
Power of main motor

(cont/30 min)

kW(hp) 22/30(29.9/40.8) 22/30(29.9/40.8)
X/Z-axis travel mm(in) 260/800 (10.236/31.496) 380/1500 (14.961/59.055)
X/Z-axis rapid traverse m/min(ipm) 12/16(472/630) 10/12(394/472)
Tool disk (dia. × width) mm(in) Φ650×16 (Φ25.591×0.63) Φ750×24 (Φ29.528×0.945)


CK43 serieslathe is designed for automotive industry to machine crank connecting necks.crank connecting necks semi-finish or finish process via eccentric jigs drivenby the right and the left headstocks.

This lathe consists of bed, leftheadstock, right headstock, left jig, right jig, slide, turret (with a12-station indexing disk), NC control system, electric system, cooling system,lubrication system and guards. Horizontal machine bed and base are made withhigh-grade cast, high rigidity, wide rectangular hardened guide ways. Machinesaddle and cross slide are made with high-grade case, the guideways areturcited and with less dynamic and static friction.

The spindle is arranged by FAG large diameter precision angular contact bi-directional thrust ballbearings and double row cylindrical roller bearings, which have good stiffness.The X and Z axis ball screw adopts pre-stretched nut structure, and thesupporting bearing adopts Japanese NSK angular contact special bearing, whichgreatly improves the stiffness and thermal deformation resistance of the screw,and greatly improves the feed accuracy. The turret adopts 12-positionhorizontal electric turret of Italian DM Company.

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