Slant-bed CNC Lathe

CK7620P CNC lathe

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Technical Parameter :

Capacity Max.swing diameter over bed mm(in) φ400(15.748)
Max.swing dia. over slide mm(in) φ105(4.134)
Turning dia./length mm(in) φ100/180(3.937/7.087)
Max.turning diameter mm(in) φ200(7.874) diameter (hollow chuck/collet) mm(in) φ51/φ42(2/1.654)
Spindle Hydraulic chuck dia mm(in) φ210(8)
Type of spindle nose A2-6
Spindle bore diameter mm(in) φ62(2.441)
Spindle speeds r/min(rpm) 90-4000
Spindle motor power(continuous/30min) kW(hp) 7.5/11(10/15)
Carriage Slant angle DEG 60°
X/Z-axis travel mm(in) 400/300(15.748/11.811)
Rapid traverse rate X/Z m/min(ipm) 16/16(βmotor)(630/630)
Turret Number of turret station 6-8
Tool size(turning/boring) mm 20×20/φ32
Other Power source kVA 20
Dimensions(LXWXH) mm(in) 2300x1480x1750

(90.6 x 58.3×68.9)

Total weight Kg(lbs) 3200(7,056)


CK7620P CNC lathe is designed for rough and finish turning of small short shaft type and chuck type workpieces in automobile,motorbike and valve industries.

It features a 60°slant bed ,rigid and easy forchip removal. Longitudinal and cross linear rolling rails reduce friction andensure running without vibration. Comb-type tool post is compact,  can perform cylinder turning, taper turning,arc turning and threading turning with complete functions.

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