Flat-bed CNC Lathe

H32i Flat Bed CNC lathe

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Technical Parameter :

Specifications Unit H32i
Maximum turning diameter on the bed mm Φ320
The maximum turning diameter of the slide plate mm Φ70
Maximum disc machining diameter mm Φ320
Maximum turning length (with row cutter) mm 280
Spindle end type A2-5
Spindle through hole diameter mm Φ48
Bar diameter mm Φ40
Hydraulic chuck mm HC640
Hydraulic chuck pull rod through hole mm Φ40
Rail form Line rail
Spindle taper No 40°
Spindle limit speed rpm 3500
Knife square size mm 20×20
Screw type X direction mm 2510
Screw type Z direction mm 3210
Rail type X direction mm 25
Z direction mm 30
X/Z motor torque N.M 4
Rapid traverse speed in X/Z direction m/min 24
X-direction travel mm 280
Z-direction travel mm 330
Minimum setting unit mm 0.001
Main motor power KW 3.7
Total mains power KW 6
Machine net weight KG 1500
Dimensions (L×W×H) mm 1580X1250X1770

Product Description
This machine tool is a flat bed machine tool with high speed, high precision and high reliability. The main components such as the bed base, bed body, and head stock are all cast with high-strength materials to ensure the long-term stability of the machine tool.
The machine tool adopts a flat bed structure and is equipped with high-precision preload Taiwan linear rolling guides. It adopts a servo motor to directly connect with the lead screw through a large torque and low inertia elastic coupling. The lead screw support adopts a pre-stretch structure, which can eliminate the transmission backlash and prevent Compensate the influence of thermal deformation on the accuracy of the machine tool during long-term operation, and ensure the positioning accuracy and repeated positioning accuracy; the machine tool has high position accuracy, smooth chip removal, and is suitable for high-speed and high-precision machining.
Using high-speed, high-precision and high-rigidity cartridge-type spindle unit and servo spindle motor, it can achieve higher spindle speed. The spindle unit is assembled in a constant temperature room. After assembling, it runs at constant temperature for 72 hours, and then goes on the machine for 72 hours of continuous trial operation to ensure the reliability of high-speed and high-precision performance.
The arranging method is adopted, the tool changing speed is fast, and the positioning accuracy is high.
Machine tool protection adopts full protection design, with strong pleasantness, unique appearance, reliable waterproof and chip prevention, and convenient maintenance.

1. The high-precision spindle bearing group is adopted and has been precisely assembled and tested for dynamic balance to ensure high spindle accuracy, low noise and strong rigidity.
2. The size of the back-pull chuck series is designed according to the standard, and is suitable for drilling, reaming, tapping, milling, grinding, etc. of various CNC lathes.

3.The screw and nut are processed, ground, assembled and quality controlled in the constant temperature workshop, which can ensure their high precision and stability.

4.The linear guide adopts 4-row roller type 45° contact angle and high-rigidity section design, which has the characteristics of strong load bearing capacity, low friction force, good rigidity, low noise and good lubrication effect.

5.Each lubricating point adopts a forced automatic lubricating device for fixed-point quantitative lubrication of the lead screw and guide rail. When there is an abnormal state or the oil quantity is insufficient, a warning signal is automatically generated, and the work is stable and reliable.





Standard Equipment:
Control System
Spindle Motor
Automatic Lubricating Device
Cooling Pump
Hydraulic Station
Hydraulic Chuck

Optional Equipment:
Control System
Chip conveyor

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