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CK7520CM/CK40M/CK50M Sealing Ring Special CNC lathe

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project unit CK7520CM CK40M CK50M
Capacity Max. swing diameter over bed mm(in) Φ500






Max.rotary diameter on the saddle mm(in) Φ240






Max.turning diameter mm(in) Φ280(standard cutter)/Φ330(

special cutter)


Φ250(standard cutter)


Φ280(standard cutter)


Principle axis mode of spindle head A2-6(GB5900.1) A2-5(GB5900.1) A2-6(GB5900.1)
spindle bore mm(in) φ62






Diameter of spindle bearing(front/back) mm(in) Φ100/Φ90






Spindle speed r/min 40-4000 70-3000 60-2250
Main motor power (continuous /30 minutes) Kw








Apron Angle of inclination DEG 45° 45° 45°
Move distance   X/Z mm(in) 210/550






Rapid speed  X/Z m/min








Servo motor torsion feed system  X/Z Nm 12/22 11/20




Ball screw diameterX/Z mm Φ32/Φ40 Φ28/Φ40 Φ28/Φ40
Tool rest Stations 8 8 8
Cutter size (turning/boring) mm 20×20/Φ32 20×20/Φ32 25×25/Φ40
chip breaking device Motor power kW(hp) 0.25(0.34) 0.25(0.34) 0.25(0.34)
Suction crumbs device Motor power kW(hp) 5.5(7.48) 5.5(7.48) 5.5(7.48)
Suction crumbs volume L 400 400 400
others power kVA 35 35 35

(not stripper)

mm(in) 2860×1830×2020

(112.6×72×79.5 )




(112.6×72×79.5 )



mm(in) 4860×1830×2170(191.3×72×85.4 ) 4370×1670×2120

(172.1×65.7×83.5 )

4860×1830×2170(191.3×72×85.4 )
Total weight (net weight) Kg


5000 3500(7717) 5000(11,025)


This series of machine tools is specially designed for the cutting of special materials,such as rubber and engineering plastics.The main body of machine tool adoptsthe structure of high strength cast iron, the key parts are analyzed by finiteelement analysis, the whole machine is rigid and high, and the high speedmachining stability is good.The machine adopts servo spindle, the two axis islinear guide rail, improves its machining accuracy and high speed feedperformance, shorten the auxiliary time.The machine tool design pays attentionto the environmental protection function, the inclined bed body structure andthe cooling system can take away the heat generated by the cutting processquickly;Cuttings and cuttings can be used to quickly and automatically recoverthe chip.

This machine is especially suitable for high speed and high precisionmachining of rubber and engineering plastics.

The design of the machine tool is novel, the panel iseasy to operate, the whole sealing is protected, the three leakage effect isespecially obvious.Combined with its high power, high precision and highperformance.

Performance characteristics of machine tool
1. Adopting imported or domestic high-quality precisionspindle bearing, high rigidity, high precision spindle bearing.

2. arrangement,grease lubrication, v-belt transmissionand stable spindle operation.

3. Full-body high-strength cast iron bed has goodvibration and thermal stability, reducing vibration and improving the rigidity,durability and machining precision of the machine tool.

4. Adopting imported or domestic high-end numericalcontrol system, electric cabinet adopts temperature control device, centralizedmachine tool operation panel.

5. Fast feeding speed and high precision.

6. Using special mechanism knife disk to meet variouscutting requirements.

7. Using cuttings and cuttings to make the chiprecycling automatic and convenient.

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