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CNC-500C Roll Notching And Marking Machine

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Main specifications and technical parameters
Processing roll maximum diameter 500mm
Minimum diameter 50mm
Processing roll maximum length 2500mm
The maximum length of the processing roll surface 1800mm
Processing of the crescent specification Φ6~Φ50
Processing the crescent β angle Any Any
Processing the crescent slot Any
 Lateral moving speed (X axis) 0~6000mm/min
Workpiece rotation speed (Y axis) 0~30rpm
Swing head rotation speed (Z axis) 0~50rpm
Flying cutter milling speed (A axis) 0~600rpm
Engraving head motor model rated speed D85     24000rpm
Cooling pump motor AB25-90W
Control System Siemens Siemens808D
Servo motor rated power X axis 1.75kw
Y axis 2.5kw
Z axis 1.75kw
A axis 3.5kw
Minimum programming amount 0.001
Longitudinal magnetic scale effective measurement length 2000mm
grating accuracy 0.005mm
chuck form four claws Four chuck
Chuck diameter 400mm
Machine working power supply 380V,50HZ;15KVA
Dimensions 4500×1700×2000mm
Machine Tool Net 6T

Products Description

1.The ANTS CNC-500C machines are versatile multi-functional machine, which performs the notching, milling and marking operation in the same machine within same working procedure. CNC-500C machines have been proved to be high automatic, high precision, high efficiency and good safety.

2.The heavy-duty CNC-500C machines are built with three guides structure. The width reaches 910mm and the bed saddle reaches 810mm which highly improve the machines’ rigidity and vibration resistance. These ensure CNC-500C can mill steel rolls and tungsten carbide rolls in high speed.

3.High efficiency machining, milling 1 ring groove in about 15 minutes, engraving and milling marker in about 10 minutes, can also be less.

4.Milling transverse rib groove angle in the standard range of arbitrary choice, can also be any empty slots.

5.The steel used in CNC-500C machine body are treated by ageing or annealing. The guideways are treated by intermediate frequency quenching to increase the surface abrasion resistant. A rolling linear guide rail is employed for lateral feed to reduce friction and assure the high speed and precision. Under the normal condition, the linear guide has 10 years guarantee.

6.Machine tool assembly manual aligning cutter mechanism, and the saddle longitudinal movement with grating digital display, ensure the manual change slot displacement is accurate, eliminate the human visual caused by touching the edge cutting knife phenomenon.

7.Control uses SINUMERIK 808D system, LCD display, can realize any of three axes linkage.Full servo system of machine tool, 4 control axis are independent motor and drive. The system has good dynamic quality, implementation of the selected servo system of high precision, good reliability, strong anti-interference ability, fast response speed. User friendly , Enables faster change of branding with use of software.

8.Designed specifically for the international market, can process all international standards. Such as: GB (China standard), BS (British Standard), JIS (Japanese standard) ASTM (American standard) IS (India standard), ISO6935-2 (International Standard) and customer local standards.

9.The machine has the operability, maintainability and good safety performance, should not pollute environment and harm human body health.

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