Three-Pass Wire Cutting EDM

AC Servo Medium WEDM Machine 400EZ

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Technical Parameter :

Specifications Unit 400EZ
Worktable (length and width) mm 660*450
X-axis travel mm 320
Y-axis travel mm 400
Z-axis travel mm 260
Pulse Width us 1-250
Output pulse gap to pulse width ratio 4—15
Number of low pressure pipes Pcs 0-10
Number of high pressure pipes Pcs 0-3
Servo speed Rpm 0-15
Servo tracking Rpm 1-199
Servo speed limit Rpm 1-5000
Wire speed Step 0-3
Cutting times  times 1-7
Minimum Mechanical Drive Equivalent um 1
Pulse resolution um 0.4
Spindle travel (electrically adjustable) mm 260
Maximum cutting slope

workpiece thickness

The maximum load capacity of the workbench kg 200
Positioning accuracy X/Y mm ≤0.01
Repeat positioning accuracy X/Y mm ≤0.005
Best multi-knife cutting accuracy mm ≤0.01 (diameter 18 square height 25mm, cut one and trim two, material SKD11 or Cr12, HRC58)
Optimum Surface Roughness um Ra≤1.0
Maximum cutting efficiency mm2∕min ≥200
Common cutting efficiency    mm2∕min              ≥150
Maximum processing current A 8
Processing power no-load voltage V 80
Power consumption KW ≤2
Wire Diameter mm ∮0.12-∮0.2
Wire drum speed Frequency
Tight wire method Two-way automatic wire tightening
Wire speed m/s 3-12
Filtration accuracy um <20
 Electricity 380V±10% / 50/60Hz / 2kVA
Temperature Temperature 15-30℃

Humidity 40-80%

Barometric pressure kpa 86-106kpa
Dimensions (L*W*H) mm 1750*1200*2000
Machine weight kg 1600

Equipment Introductions
“400EZ” wire-cutting machine tool is a four-axis CNC eye mask that moves up and down with the “Z” axis. It is a servo-feeding wire-cutting machine tool with high cost performance that ANTISHICNC has limitedly promoted in China. And equipped with Hankey’s latest intelligent discharge database. As long as you input: material, height, finish and other values, the best discharge specification can be automatically generated without touching the parameter code.


Standard Equipment
Fanless industrial dual-core CPU (4 threads) computer
The main control computer adopts industrial control computer with high reliability, stability and High anti-interference
Keyboard and mouse, manual control box
Integration of programming and control
Graphics check
Measurement operation procedure and automatic programming function
Automatically generate multiple cutting programs
Graphic coordinate transformation, scaling, rotation functions, graphic tracking display
Automatic end face and centering functions High-precision center finding, edge finding accurac≤ 6um
Automatically add transition arc function (arbitrary, corner function)
Coordinate system: Incremental coordinates (relative coordinates)
adaptive control loop
AC power control circuit
Fully enclosed working fluid tank
Automatic constant tension wire system
Toolbox 1 set
Cutting fluid (1 barrel)
Industrial display screen, Chinese version
SLC industrial chip
Electronic hard disk capacity ≥ 24G
USB interface, network interface (free open reading letter)
Power failure memory function, automatic shutdown function after processing
File management and editor
Process Expert System
Linear and circular interpolation function
Short circuit, broken wire processing function
Reverse Machining Function
Variable taper processing function
Upper and lower different surface processing function
Ultra-low molybdenum wire loss circuit
High pressure. Low pressure circuit
Processing efficiency/accuracy/life guarantee for more than 5 years
Network communication integrated information interface
Molybdenum wire (1 roll)

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