Three-Pass Wire Cutting EDM

Medium-Speed Wire cut Electrical Discharge Machine 500GS3

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Technical Parameter :

Machine performance Specifications Unit 500GS3
Machine Occupation size (L*W*H) mm 1850*1400*2000
Total weight of equipment kg 2500
Worktable Table size (W*L) mm 720*520
Travel X-axis travel mm 500
Y-axis travel mm 400
Z axis travel mm 260
CNC power supply Pulse Width us 1-250
Output pulse gap to pulse width ratio 4—15
Number of low pressure pipes pcs 0-15
Number of high pressure pipes pcs 0-3
servo speed gears 0-15
servo tracking gears 1-199
Servo speed limit gears 1-500
Wire speed gears 0-3
Cutting times time 1-7
Minimum Mechanical Drive Equivalent um 1
Pulse resolution um 0.4
Processing capacity Spindle travel (electrically adjustable) mm 260
Maximum cutting slope/work-piece thickness ±6°/80
The maximum load capacity of the workbench kg 500
Precision Positioning accuracy X/Y mm ≤0.01
Repeat positioning accuracy X/Y mm ≤0.005
Best multi-knife cutting accuracy mm ≤0.005 (diameter 18 square height 25mm, cut one and trim two, material SKD11 or Cr12, HRC58)
Optimum Surface Roughness um Ra≤0.7 (square 10mm*10mm*25mm, material SKD11 or Cr12, HRC58)
Processing Efficiency Maximum cutting efficiency mm2∕min ≥220
Common cutting efficiency mm2∕min ≥150
Maximum processing current A ≤10
Processing power no-load voltage V 100
Power consumption KW ≤2.8
Wire System Wire Diameter mm ∮0.12-∮0.2
Wire drum speed Frequency
Tight wire method Two-way automatic wire tightening
Wire speed m/s 3-12
Working Fluid Tank Filtration accuracy um <10
Filter Method Slow Wire Filter
Working Fluid Special Cutting Fluid
Environment And Electricity Electricity 380V±10% / 50/60Hz / 2kVA
Temperature Temperature 15-30℃ / Humidity 40-80%
Barometric Pressure kpa 86-106kpa

Equipment Introductions

500GS3 AC servo medium-feeding wire-cutting machine tool is an upgraded version of 500GS1. It is a five-axis CNC (“Z” axis CNC manual lock) four-axis linkage medium-feeding wire-cutting machine tool. The “Z” axis can realize micron-level CNC control , The U/V axis adopts precision linear guide rail, ball screw and motor are directly connected. This model of Shanghai ANTISHI is the first servo medium-feeding wire-cutting machine tool in China to adopt this structure to achieve stable processing.

In order to better achieve higher precision of our products, better product consistency, and more stable product stability. For this reason, Shanghai ANTISHI has introduced a German ZEISS three-coordinate measuring instrument for three-dimensional inspection and screening of machine tool castings and purchased parts.

Standard Equipment

Name Specifications Supplier
Machine bed High-quality resin sand casting China
X/Y-axis lead screw Precision ball screw HIWIN/PMI
X-axis, Y-axis guide rail Precision linear guide HIWIN/PMI
Guide Wheel Thick gem guide wheel or special guide wheel China
Guide Wire Dedicated China
Reversing Switch Rainbow stone China
Filtering System Slow filtration ANTISHI
Power control cabinet High Performance Control Power ANTISHI
Industrial control computer High performance fanless ANTISHI
AC servo motor PANASONIC Japan
AC Servo Motor Driver PANASONIC Japan
Inverter SHILIN Taiwan
Relay OMRON Japan
Contactor SCHNEIDER France

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