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Main specifications unit MK8480 MK84100/125 MK84160/200
Max.grinding diameter mm 800 1000/1250 1600/2000
Min.grinding diameter mm 120 150/200 300/400
Max.load of center rest ton 12 20/25 32~ 63
Steady rest mm
Convex(concave)(in radial) mm 1.5 1.5 1.5
Bed width mm Workpiece bed 725+

Carriage bed 810

Workpiece bed 1100+

Carriage bed 1040

Workpiece bed 1320+

Carriage bed 1320+

Spindle speed rpm 8~ 80 6~ 60 4~ 40
Power of workpiece motor kw 45 55/75 75/90
Power of grinding- wheel motor kw 45 55/75 75/90
Machine weight of 5 meters kg 38000 56000/62000 110000/128000
Add weight per meter kg 3000 3500 5000
Machine outline size of 3 meters L* w * h 11500x3800x2600 12500x4600x2900





The overall layout of the CNC roll grinder adopts the structure that the work-piece bed and the carriage bed are separated, and the grinding accuracy is not affected by the weight and movement of the work-piece. The carriage bed guide rail adopts the “V-flat” structure, which has good guiding accuracy. The carriage guide rail adopts static pressure technology, which has good wear resistance and precision retention. The structural design of the two sets of bed fully considers the thermal deformation and load-bearing deformation factors. The width of the guide rail surface is large, the layout of the ribs is reasonable, and it has excellent rigidity, vibration resistance and cross-sectional distortion resistance. At the same time, the bed is made of high-quality cast iron with high strength and low strain force, which has the advantages of large bearing capacity and high surface quality.

This machine can complete the following tasks:

(1) Grinding cylindrical and conical roll surfaces

(2) Grinding the roll surface of convex or concave curved surface

(3) Grind CVC curve and other custom curve roll surface

(User-provided curve equation)

1、Workpiece bed

The machine tool adopts a separate layout structure, and its characteristic is that the weight and rotation of the workpiece will not affect the grinding accuracy and the stability of the grinding.

Workpiece bed The bed is designed with finite element method, the rib layout is reasonable, and the material is high-grade and high-quality gray cast iron, which has high rigidity and stability.

2、 The carriage bed

The carriage bed is one of the key parts of the roll grinder. The bed guide rail adopts the “V-flat” structure, which has good guiding accuracy. The machine bed guide rail precision scraping technology is the first in China for large-scale machine tools to ensure the contact surface of the guide rail and ensure the stability of the oil film at all points throughout the process. Has good wear resistance and precision retention.


The headstock is driven by a high-performance DC motor, which has the characteristics of large starting torque and good low-speed performance. At the same time, the DC motor can adjust the speed economically and smoothly, so that the workpiece speed can be steplessly adjusted within the set range.


The tailstock is composed of upper and lower bodies, and the double-layer tailstock is convenient for adjusting the accuracy of the two centers in the horizontal direction. The longitudinal movement of the entire tailstock body along the workpiece bed is manual and motorized. The tailstock spindle center and the headstock spindle center have good accuracy over the total length of the tailstock movement.

5、Grinding wheel stand

The grinding wheel frame is one of the core components of the CNC roll grinder. Its rotation accuracy and movement stability directly affect the grinding quality of the workpiece surface.

6、Large carriage

The guide rail of the large carriage is in the form of V-flat structure, and adopts the plastic static pressure technology. An oil pump sends the oil to multiple oil chambers, and each oil chamber is adjusted by the gross flow method. Therefore, the oil chamber pressure Only determined by the gap (lift amount), and the gap depends on the load. The oil chambers do not affect each other. Therefore, the movement of the large carriage has good low-speed movement characteristics, which can effectively eradicate crawling, with high movement accuracy and no wear.

The longitudinal movement (Z axis) of the carriage is realized by double AC servo motors connected with a high-precision reducer to drive a high-precision rack.

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