Die Sinker EDM Machine

CNC Die Sinker EDM Machine 540K/650K

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Technical Parameter :

Specifications 540K 650K
Working tank size (L*W*D) 1300*920*500mm 1612*985*540mm
Worktable Size(L*W) 800*500mm 900*500mm
X-axis travel 500mm 600mm
Y-axis travel 400mm 400mm
Z-axis travel 300mm 350mm
Accessory mounting plate to work surface distance 300-600mm 350-700mm
Max.work piece weight 1800kg 2000kg
Maximum electrode weight 50kg 70kg
Dimensions (L*W*H) 1640*1050*2150mm 2000*2320*2530mm
Machine weight 3800kg 4000kg
The input power of the whole machine 9kw 9kw
Max. machining current 50A 50A
Maximum processing power ≥500mm³/min ≥500mm³/min
Minimum electrode loss 0.10% 0.10%
Best surface roughness Ra≤0.1mm Ra≤0.1mm
Minimum mechanical drive equivalent 1μm 1μm
Resolution of each axis 0.4 0.4
Input USB device, touch screen USB device, touch screen
Position command method Incremental/Absolute Incremental/Absolute
EDM condition registration function 1000 conditions can be registered C000-C999 1000 conditions can be registered C000-C999
Bias function 1000 offsets can be registered H000-H999 1000 offsets can be registered H000-H999
Subroutine nesting level 50 50
Q instruction nesting level 7 7
Number of coordinate systems 60 60

Equipment Introductions
Shanghai ANTISHICNC “540K” is a bullhead full CNC EDM machine tool, with three-axis arbitrary axis to achieve high-precision machining in the “positive and negative” directions with a minimum feed size of “1 micron” (the fourth axis can be selected ), to achieve high-precision translational processing on any axis and other axes, and to realize more axis-linked processing. Each axis is driven by fully imported AC servo motors and precision ball screws to achieve higher machine tool precision control and processing speed.

Equipped with ANTISHICNC “A2S-50” CNC power supply with high stability and high anti-interference ability, you can obtain extremely low EDM electrode loss, so that your mold processing precision is higher and the service life is longer.

1. Overall structure: Based on the bullhead frame structure, the worktable does not move during processing, ensuring high responsiveness when processing large work pieces.
2. Castings: The castings of the whole machine are made of high-quality resin sand materials, which have undergone multiple annealing stress treatments to ensure the best precision and durability, and will not deform for a long time.
3. Each axis is directly driven by AC servo motor and precision ball screw.
4. Each machine tool has been strictly inspected by the British Renishaw laser interferometer.

Standard Equipment
EDM Machine
Working fluid tank
Infrared touch screen input system
TFT-LCD 15 inch liquid crystal display
Standard Toolbox and Fixtures
Bolts for adjusting the level of the main engine, parallel irons for adjusting the level of the main engine
User’s manual
Electronic disk device
X, Y, Z axis AC servo machine, encoder
Hand control box
Finishing loop
Genuine software of EDM CNC system
USB standard interface, RJ45 (network port), PS2
Carbide-specific processing circuit (explosion-increasing circuit)
AUTO (automatic processing) unit

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