Die Sinker EDM Machine

ZNC Series Die Sinker EDM Machine 350ZK/450ZK

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Technical Parameter :

Technical parameter 350ZK 450ZK
Worktable size (mm) 600*320mm 700*400mm
Work slot inner size (mm) 920*570*350(mm) 1080×660×400(mm)
X-axis travel (mm) 350mm 450mm
Y-axis travel (mm) 220mm 350mm
Z-axis travel (mm) Main axis travel 200mm 200mm
Auxiliary axis travel    250mm   250mm
Maximum distance between spindle and worktable (mm) 570mm 680mm
Maximum electrode weight (kg) 50kg 60kg
Maximum working weight (kg) 500kg 800kg
Maximum machining current 50A 50A
Minimum electrode consumption ratio ≤0.1% ≤0.1%
Best surface finish(um) Ra≤0.2mm Ra≤0.6mm
Packing Box size (mm) 1350*1300*2200mm 2200*2200*2500
EDM Machine weight (kg) 1350kg 1750kg

The design idea of the power supply is an electric spark discharge power supply with high configuration, high reliability and comprehensive processing index.

Configuration of key components
1. The key components of the power control part are all foreign brand products.
2. The computer adopts imported components from Taiwan.
3. The electronic ruler adopts Taiwan brand products.
4. Contactors and electric meters are all imported products.
5. The original integrated circuits of TI, IR, Toshiba, Hitachi and other world-class manufacturers are first-class in the same industry in terms of precision and quality. Fully guarantee your long-term interests.


Standard Equipment
EDM machine
CNC power control cabinet
Packing Technical Documentation

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