Die Sinker EDM Machine

ZNC Series Die Sinker EDM Machine (Economic type)

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Technical Parameter :

Technical Specification| Model ZNC350 ZNC450 ZNC540 ZNC600 ZNC1060
Workbench Size (mm) 600×300 700×400 800×480 1000×600 1400×900
Work slot inner size (mm) 780X500X350 1040X600X450 1250X770X500 1680X900X650 2000X1130X770
Y-axis left & right travel (mm) 350 450 500 600/700 1000
X-axis front &rear travel (mm) 250 350 400 500 700
Z-axis travel (mm) Servo model 160 200 220 400 450/600
Manual model 180 250 260 NA NA
Maximum distance between spindle and worktable (mm) 420 500 580 750/980/1230 906/1110/1260
Maximum electrode weight (kg) 30 50 80 100 200
Maximum working weight (kg) 680 1000 1500 2000 4000
EDM Machine weight (kg) 1000 1300 1600 4000 6000
Packing Box size (mm) 1460X1490X223 1450X1300X2200 1570X1600X2400 2120X1930X2540 2580X2730X3210
Filter box capacity (L) 200 Liters 240 Liters 300 Liters 840 Liters 2000 Liters
Filter weight (kg) Built in 180 200 300 1000kg *2

ZNC EDM Control Box Specifications

Maximum machining current 50A 75A 100A
Max processing speed 400mm/min 400mm/min 700mm/min
Minimum electrode consumption ratio <0.3% <0.3% <0.3%
Best surface finish(um) 0.3um/Ra 0.3um/Ra 0.3um/Ra
Maximum power consumption output (KVA) 5KVA 8KVA 10KVA
The output voltage(VDC) 100-250 100-250 100-250
Machine Weight (kg) 160/200(Net/Gross) 160/200(Net/Gross) 160/200(Net/Gross)
Packing Carton size (mm 760X730X2100 760X730X2100 760X730X2100

Product Introduction :
EDM die sinking machine tools are mainly used for complex cavity and curved surface processing of various conductors such as various molds and precision parts manufacturing. It has the characteristics of high machining accuracy, high finish and fast speed. The appearance design of the EDM machine tool is beautiful and generous, the structure design is reasonable and compact, and the mechanical structure is firm and strong. The machine tool has good practical functions in terms of structural characteristics. We ANTS Machine offer high quality EDM die sinker machines with NC-controlled Z-axis and power outputs from 50 to 100 A. Slightly regulate parameters enable both the highest removal rate and finishing in a single operation cycle.

Product Features :
1. The structure of the machine has been analyzed and designed by computer for tensile, compressive and reactive forces, and the mechanical precision is always guaranteed.
2. The castings are made of FC-35 resin sand, which is durable and has the same precision after natural wind and various treatments.
3. Computer (CAD)-aided design is used for mechanical design, and the structure of the machine body is not deformed for a long time to ensure the machining accuracy.
4. The slide rail adopts V-shaped and flat design, which can slide lightly under heavy pressure and has excellent precision.
5. The work surface is ground by high wave heat treatment, and the surface is not easy to wear.
6. The X and Y axes are all imported or the same grade double nut ball screw, which is light in transmission and easy to use.
7. The main shaft adopts linear slide way, which can guarantee the precision and durability forever.
8. The carriage adopts imported “Teflon” guide rail veneer.

Distribution box Technical Indicators:
Maximum working current ≥60A
Maximum power consumption ≤6KVA
Maximum processing speed ≥450mmз/min
Minimum electrode consumption≤0.3%
Minimum surface roughness Ra≤0.3µm
Output voltage 90-260V
17-inch famous brand LCD monitor
Famous industrial computer
Special circuit board and electronic components of world famous brand.

EDM Sinker machine Standard configuration :
1. Z-axis adopts Swiss-made or similar linear slides, Japan NSK precision bearings.
2. China,Taiwan C7 grade X﹑Y ball screw, high precision Z axis plastic wire rod.
3. Japan original “Sanyo” servo motor. W-axis gear motor (1:25 60W or 90W).
4. China,Taiwan precision hand wheel, dial group, electrode chuck, Grundfos oil pumping motor.
5. Quartz lamps, fire extinguishers, liquid level switches, door seals, oil pipes, high-pressure oil pipes, pressure gauges, etc. are all from Taiwan,China.
6. Precision optical ruler (three axes).
7. Imported filters: 2 pcs
8. The machine tool paint is car paint, which is durable, beautiful, beautiful and does not fade.

 Standard Equipment 

Description Quantity Description Quantity
Toolbox 1 EA Drill chuck 1 set
Fixed pressure plate 1 group Single nozzle fuel injection magnetic seat 2 EA
Import fuel injection pipe 1 group Step horn 1 group
Warning Signs (4 copies) 1 set round foot pad 1 group

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