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CNC face lathe

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Technical Parameter :

Main specifications unit CK64125/160 CK64200/250
Swing over bed mm 1250/1600 2000/2500
Max.travelling distance of saddle mm 1000 1000
Max.load between centers ton 2.5 4
Bed width mm 1100 (Two guide rails) 1100 (Two guide rails)
Spindle speed rpm 2~200 1~ 125
Spindle motor kw AC30/37 DC55
Machine weight of 1 meters kg 5800 6800
Add weight per meter kg
Machine outline size of 1 meters L* w * h 4500X2500X1650 4500X2500X1650

Product description:

This machine tool is particularly suitable for the turning of discs.
It can turn the inner and outer cylindrical surfaces, end faces, curved surfaces, arcs and other forming surfaces of various parts. It can process ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals and their easy-cutting non-metal materials.

This machine tool has the inherent characteristics of good rigidity, high precision and good precision retention. It is equipped with a numerical control system, which is safe and reliable, and can well ensure the reliability of the machine tool. The pulse encoder is used as the detection element. The longitudinal and transverse feeds are driven by servo motors. The ball screw constitutes a semi-closed loop control and is equipped with CRT display. It has tool compensation, fault diagnosis, and processing simultaneous programming. The main transmission system is gear transmission. The layout of the whole machine tool is compact and reasonable, and the pleasantness is good. The saddle and slide plate have high resistance to adhesion. The soft belt with abrasive performance greatly improves the service life and has better accuracy retention.


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