Die Sinker EDM Machine

CNC Mirror Discharge Die Sinker EDM Machine U40(A3-50)

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Technical Parameter :

Specifications U40
Working fluid tank size (L*W*D) 830´600´300mm
Worktable (length and width) 600*400mm
X-axis travel 400mm
Y-axis travel 300mm
Z-axis travel 300mm
Maximum distance from electrode plate to table (265-565)mm
Workbench maximum weight 550kg
Electrode weight 50kg
X/Y/Z positioning accuracy ≤0.004mm
X/Y/Z repeated positioning accuracy ≤0.003mm
Dimensions (length, width and height) 2040*2370*2200mm
Machine Weight 3400kg
Machine input power 9kw
Maximum processing current 50A
Maximum processing power ≥500mm³/min
Minimum electrode loss 0.1%
Optimum Surface Roughness Ra≤0.07mm
Minimum corner loss ≤20mm
Finest Line Discharge ≤0.05mm
Communication method Ethercat line
Servo type Ethercat line
Motion Acceleration Mode Strong setting S type
Minimum control current 0.1A
Minimum pulse width 0.25ms
Minimum Mechanical Drive Equivalent 0.1mm
Resolution 0.1mm
Input keyboard, mouse, touch screen
EDM condition registration function Can register 1000 conditions C000-C999
Bias function Can board 1000 offsets H000-H999
Number of coordinate systems 60

Equipment Introductions
ANTISHICNC “U40” is currently the only full-NC mirror EDM machine tool in China that adopts Swiss advanced technology and combines its own innovative technology. It is currently the highest-grade full-NC mirror EDM machine tool in China. , can realize more than three-axis linkage processing, any axis can realize “positive and negative” direction processing, the three axes are all imported precision ball screws with Swiss design standards and directly connected with imported AC servo motors, and the liquid tank lifting axis adopts closed loop Servo drive control to realize arbitrary processing height control.

Equipped with LINUX operating system control power supply with high performance, high stability, and high anti-interference ability, it can realize high-efficiency, high-gloss finish, and ultra-low electrode loss EDM, and at the same time realize high-precision micron-level continuous depth processing control and machine tool processing accuracy. , precision retention and processing indicators are completely comparable to imported machine tools, and it is your best choice to replace imported high-end CNC spark machines.

The full CNC EDM machine tool with lifting liquid tank mirror surface also has automatic tool change device and automatic tool change function outside the machine, which can fully realize automation with machining centers, high-speed machines and other machining equipment to realize unmanned operation processing.

1. Overall structure: Based on the mechanical structure of the high-end lifting liquid tank spark machine in Switzerland and Japan, the fuselage, electric cabinet and electric cabinet are integrated design, occupying a smaller area, and can fully realize automatic and unmanned operation control.

2. Castings: The high-quality resin sand castings of Swiss standards are adopted. After repeated annealing and vibration failure stress treatment, the best precision and durability of the fuselage are ensured, and the long-term use will not deform.

3. Precision transmission components: Precision ball screws, precision roller guide rails, precision bearings and other high-precision control components are all designed and customized in Switzerland.Retention was raised to a higher plateau.

4. Drive of each axis: AC servo motor and precision ball screw are directly connected to drive, and the main shaft adopts a high-power AC servo motor. More torque and better high-speed responsiveness.

5. Assembly process: in strict accordance with the Swiss manufacturing process, assembly process, manufacturing standards, precision standards, etc.

6. Accuracy inspection: All machine tool castings and parts are strictly inspected.

7. Lifting liquid tank: CNC servo controls the lifting of the liquid tank, which can realize arbitrary height control of the workpiece. With dual pump control, the filtering effect is better and the oiling speed is faster.

8. Compactness: The fuselage, fuel tank, and electrical cabinet are designed in one piece, which is more compact and occupies a small area.


Standard Equipment
CNC EDM complete machine
Packing Technical Documentation
Toolbox 1set

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