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VTL-60LS/VTL-65LS Double Station CNC Vertical Turret Lathe

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Technical Parameter :

Name CNC Vertical Turning and Milling Machine Double Tool Post CNC Vertical Lathe
Model VTL-65LS VTL-60LS
System GSK 988TD Siemens 828D
X axis 300mm/300mm 300mm/300mm
Z axis 600mm/600mm 650mm/650mm
Max. Swing over bed Φ750mm Φ800mm
Max. turning diameter Φ650mm Φ600mm
Spindle speeds 50~1500rpm(timing belt) 50~1000rpm
Spindle motor power 18.5Kw(direct connection) 22Kw(direct connection)
Spindle head type A2-8 A2-8
Spindle bearing NSK NSK
Spindle hardness HRC58-62 HRC58-62
Reduction ratio /
Chuck & Automatic Tool Changer
Tool holder Horizontal eight-station turret Horizontal eight-station, row knife
Chuck Φ500 φ500
Slide Way
X-axis rolling linear guide 45mm 45mm
Z-axis rolling linear guide 45mm 45mm
Ball Screw
Ball screw accuracy Class C3 Class C3
Ball screw diameter X1、Z1:φ50/X2、Z2:φ40 X、Z:φ50
Screw bearing NSK NSK
Control System
X axis motor 18NM 22NM
Z axis motor 18NM 22NM
Feed Rate    
X Z axis rapid feed rate 16m/min 16m/min
Repeat positioning 0.008mm 0.007mm
Positioning 0.012mm 0.01mm
Axial runout of spindle end 0.005mm 0.008mm
Spindle centering shaft radial runout 0.005mm 0.005mm
Cutting feed rate
Least input increment 0.001mm 0.001mm
Power Require
Power source 3¢-AC 380V 50Hz±5% 3¢-AC 380V 50Hz±5%
Cross weight 11T 11T

Product Details

1.The key components such as the base, column, column slide plate and slider are all made of high-grade gray cast iron (HT300). The layout of the ribs is reasonable, and each component is tempered to ensure that the machine tool has high strength and long-term accuracy and stability .

2.The machine tool adopts the structure of double columns. There are two columns, two column slide plates and sliders on the base. The motor is placed in the middle of the two columns, which effectively saves space and occupies a small area. The double column can process the rough turning and finishing of the work piece at the same time. On the premise of ensuring the accuracy, it can effectively improve the customer’s processing production efficiency and reduce production costs.

3.The spindle part of the machine tool is a spindle unit, which effectively ensures the machining accuracy and roughness. The inner bearing of the spindle unit is lubricated with special grease, which is convenient for installation and maintenance. Compared with the previous oil lubrication, the use cost of the spindle unit is reduced, the speed is higher, and it is more stable.

4. The machine tool adopts roller type linear slides. Has ultra-high rigidity and ultra-heavy load capacity. The positioning accuracy and bearing capacity of the vertical and horizontal feed motion of the machine tool are greatly improved.

5. The machine tool spindle pulley and the spindle CNC servo motor pulley are directly connected by a belt, and are equipped with a servo motor, step less speed change, and a wide speed change range. The servo motor can meet the different requirements of the roughing and finishing of the parts on the spindle speed. The motor is selected with a larger specification to eliminate the influence of the large cutting amount of the work piece and the intermittent cutting on the motor, the work piece and the machine tool.

6.Both vertical and horizontal feeds are automatically controlled by servo motors. There are steel guards in both directions.

7. Both ends of the ball screw in the vertical and horizontal directions of the machine tool are supported by special bearings for the screw, which greatly improves and guarantees the machining accuracy of the machine tool for parts.

8. Te machine tool adopts an electric lubricating oil pump to automatically lubricate each part in an intermittent manner to ensure the lubrication of each guide rail pair and ball screw pair, which can prolong the service life of each motion pair.

9. The double-column machine tool holder can use double-horizontal CNC turret, single-horizontal turret single-row tool or double-row tool when it meets the work piece processing requirements. The horizontal turret is adopted, the tool change time is short, and the work efficiency can be greatly improved.

10. The upper end of the spindle can be equipped with a disc table or a hydraulic chuck according to user requirements. The lower end of the main shaft is equipped with a rotary oil cylinder. The rotary oil cylinder can be used to control the tooling to press the work piece, or to control the hydraulic chuck, which can reduce the labor intensity of workers and improve efficiency.


Standard Equipment
CNC system
Spindle unit
Spindle bearing
Server driver
Servo spindle motor
X/Z servo drive
Guide rail, lead screw
Servo tool holder
Hydraulic Rotary Cylinder
Hydraulic station
Working lamp
Electrical device
Chip removal
Fully enclosed protective cover

Optional Equipment
CNC System: Siemens/FANUC etc.

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